Owen Jones and Ann Widdecombe clash Owen Jones Defends Massive 2 days ago   07:56

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Should Brexit be cancelled? Owen Jones says a second referendum might be the only thing left to do but Ann Widdecombe disagrees saying it's time to go.

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Pete Booya
Owen Jones little spoilt Boy, who wants it all, and think he knows it all, and always throws his toys out of the pram! Snow flake idiot!
Owen needs to grow up!! Cant believe people actually listen to him!
Widdecome is an absolute tool.
Harley Hynes
Anne, we need you and Farage leading us out! Not a Remouner lol
Sharon Scott
I'm not worn down I'm pissed off. We didn't vote deal or no deal we voted in or out. Cameron should have has an out plan
Robert Forester-Lake
The BBC loves juvenile little brainwashed jerks like Jones. What a gabbling prat!!
Miss Cheefmaker
Anne Widlecome put that little SH!T Owen Jones in his place !!!
richard blackwell
privileged little arsehole that know nothing on the bandwagon yet again same old drivel
david wrighton
"What would happen if you smuggle a thousand cigarettes"-----that can be done now (pre brexit)----it might have been going on for years---lets just cancel democracy because of some ciggies----VINE YOU WANKER
peter still
Why is there no compulsory retirement age for politicians. Is this woman over 80? Does she care what the future is about or does she just try to exist in the media ?
Ray Diaytor
Daniel O’Donnell? Has he given up singing to the blue rinse brigade and turned to politics??
Liam Needham
How it should go...
Theresa "Does this house want to deliver Brexit?"
SNP and probably a lot of Labour "No!!"
Theresa "Well, could you please leave, now, abandon your seats, because the country is directly opposed to you. Go to Holyrood and make preparations for Brexit, stop trying to thwart it here. Now to the rest of parliament, Im sorry I fucked negotiating, heres the proper deal - its no deal, were just gonna leave."
*Millions across the country cheer, and Billions more welcome the UK with open arms into the global stage*.

But Theresa has no spine. Corbyn is a Marxist. Owen Jones is obsessed with a 999th referendum (whatever will get remain). The Media is a cult of alchemists fabricating falsehoods that the Left gobble up as if it were actually gold. Farage is standing back to watch all he worked for fall apart. Gove is a viper.

Alternatively, Mogg understands the process of democracy and soveriegnty in the scenarios of brexit better than most around him, and has shown that he will take action when necessary (even if he stands alone, spineless conservatives). Johnson, Widdecombe, Davis, Batten, Tommy, all vary from at least supporting Brexit to being PM material.

Bring on the cheers.
Patrick Patrick
Don't agree with everything she says, but i freaking love Ann Widdecombe
Reuben Stern
Given they shouted No, louder than they said yes to reaching an agreement with the EU... they should resign. They're no longer fit for purpose. By the way, the vote of no confidence didn't go through, because Theresa promised to keep the politicians safe. With her close ties to the intelligence and military she actually can.
keith symonds
Canada +++
Owen who ? been no where, none nothing, what life experience does he have and continues to spill out the same leftist diatribe.....boring
C Johns
For all the MPs that want to stay in the EU, why not abolish Westminster? We will have our laws made Brussels, or at least get directions from there, so why do we need Westminster? Let's a start a campaign to get rid of our British Parliament if we don't get a clean break from the EU. What people voted for. It is absolute nonsense to suggest the UK can't survive without EU. We thanked our lucky stars we didn't join the Euro. We would be better off leaving the EU as well.

Most countries around the world are sovereign, independent nations, and they manage just fine. There is a very powerful campaign to feminise young white British men in order to weaken their resolve. it is bordering on the ridiculous how feminine young white British men are now. This exactly what the left and the globalists want. They know the chances of people questioning them will become non-existent.
David Scott
Oh dear, I just had to scrape An owen jones off of my shoe
What a surprise, a staunch Tory and a red flag flyer clash. She didn't like the term 'crashing out' but she called Ireland 'the south'. It's the Republic actually.
'I won't say CRASH OUT!'
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Owen Jones Defends Massive Owen Jones and Ann Widdecombe clash 2 days ago   04:28

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Piers Morgan and journalist Owen Jones clash over the legitimacy of protests against Donald Trump's controversial travel ban against several majority-Muslim countries.

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