Owen Jones and Ann Widdecombe clash Owen Jones Defends Massive 4 months ago   07:56

Jeremy Vine on 5 - Official Channel
Should Brexit be cancelled? Owen Jones says a second referendum might be the only thing left to do but Ann Widdecombe disagrees saying it's time to go.

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Thomas Elliott
Jeremy Vine , why are you so negative.?
Can you not see that the wrong team negotiated , Theresa May was a terrible PM. With the right team we would have left and we would have agreed a much better deal.

As for Ireland , I live here in Northern Ireland, the border works fine this is no more than trying to scubber any deal
Ann is the only one who made sense..... and its funny that little old Ann destroys the entire male panel. Hahaha
John Smith
Who the hell is owen bleeding jones??
Lee B
There is a boarder on every country that joins any nation outside the EU..
My God no wonder so many voted out .
I went on holidays to Spain and Yugoslavia when Franco and Tito held power.
Stop the ridiculous scare tactics.
You want to buy a french car ofcourse you still can want to work abroad ofcourse if they want you no problem.
Grow up you whimps and grow a pair.
rex tyler
There you have it says chancellor
Liam Crilly
Owen Jones needs to stay in the university halls. Where other naive young people can listen to him
Kerry Burns
Widdecombe is a constant reminder that intelligent people can be incredibly stupid. That is the extent of her usefulness.
Tez diz
It's simple give northern lrland back to the lrish
Tez diz
Jeremy what are you talking about we voted to leave
Alan Parkinson
With age comes wisdom. Jones is just a bummer.
Benjamin Playford
Owen Jones is the most pointless irrelevant gay ever.
jin gingo
A huge ego and a huge Pratt is Owen big mouth Jones.
Can someone please return Widdecombe back to her rock. Her voice makes nails on a chalkboard sound pleasant by comparison.
Daniel Elmes
Widdecombe is an idiot.
Paul Albin
No more vine no more bbc no more eu.
pamela beresford
Rude and silly woman, she is no good on quiz shows either!
Maureen Salter
Owen Jones is a dum dum . Put him in a boat with the lovely Abbott and Lammy and send them to Never Neverlandia not to be seen ever again.
Vine just cannot keep that remainers trap shut can he
Owen Jones and Jeremy Vine, keep your mouths closed and listen to somebody who knows what she is talking about.
mark the spark
the house is full of MPs not fit for purpose traitors the lot
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Owen Jones Defends Massive Owen Jones and Ann Widdecombe clash 4 months ago   04:28

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Piers Morgan and journalist Owen Jones clash over the legitimacy of protests against Donald Trump's controversial travel ban against several majority-Muslim countries.

Broadcast on 31/01/17

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