Owen Jones and Ann Widdecombe clash Owen Jones Defends Massive 2 months ago   07:56

Jeremy Vine on 5 - Official Channel
Should Brexit be cancelled? Owen Jones says a second referendum might be the only thing left to do but Ann Widdecombe disagrees saying it's time to go.

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Sam T
"We should stay and reform it". He's dreaming. The EU won't change for us. They have a direction and end goal, one that we remaining would not make any difference to in the short or long term.
ali bell
Why do you have Owen Jones on your show ? He’s the most pointless gobshite ever took breath !
Arnold Rimmer
Have a migrant, oh sorry I mean economic migrant family live with you for a week 'no no no no no' Jones then we'll see what you think. Of course you'd lie through your teeth.
Rhodry maelwaedd
Anne widdecombe speaking sense.....Jeremy vine tries to shut her down.....lets the ball to my ally Owen Jones and give him lots more uninterrupted airtime
Rhodry maelwaedd
Why do all these lefties gurn like complete morons when confronted by facts and a reasoned argument.....of late Owen Jones has been virtue signaling to the Centre by saying the right things.....however when pushed his old lefty propaganda rears its fetid head
Kevster 100
Brexit means Brexit with a deal or no deal - that's what the public were sold and today the 13th March 2019 the 650 goons are voting against a no deal Brexit. I feel democracy died in the UK.
Vine is emblematic of the biased BBC. Daniel O'Donnell on a British politics show, I must smoking weed.
Oopsie Doodle
Good God, Owen is horrendous.
John Hickey
this old girl go in to aold foks home take your tablets no border take stronger tablets
Owen Jones made a fortune: get him to specify his personal fortune before he claims to be 'sooooo working class', reporting on class inequality and selling it to the erudite middle classes, and still hankers on like the victim butting in when he can to win support and love. He is a class traitor. The Oxford educated Guardian reporter on hundreds of thousands of pounds a year telling us snottily what to think... every white working class person is a homophobic racist piece of scum to him and do not think he is so discerning to think otherwise.
Phoebe Rose
Love Widdecombe!
Kevin Wiggins
We should remain in the EU now there is no evidence of leadership in the UK as the 2016 referendum was false and not sufficiently decisive . The UK is grinding slowly toward bankruptcy - sad times ahead for little Britian.
Leon Woods
No deal brexit it is then. It's a trade deal. If it doesn't work out we can rejoin.
Stephen Butler
I don't think these people get why we need a border between North & South Ireland. Smuggling cigarettes? Denying the government their taxes? Is THAT all they're worried about? Nobody mentioned the REAL reason why there needs to be a border between North and South. How long will it be before a terrorist gets wise to the fact that he or she can enter the UK via Ireland? How long before people who want to enter the UK illegally do so via Ireland? All those who want to Leave the EU to curb immigration? Forget it. Immigration will double - treble - once we leave the EU without a deal. Doris Karloff simply wants to get out of the EU. Impatience now will cause devastation later. We must wait. I'm not suggesting we Remain when the majority (not me) voted to Leave. The majority voted to Leave, so we leave. But a few months' extra patience now will, I promise you, pay dividends for you Leavers later. Don't just leave without a deal, it could be a catastrophic mistake. Sure, the Treasury is working on what to do if we leave without a deal - did you hear her? - stockpiling food and stuff! I'm sure she will be first in the queue for those food bank baked beans, won't she? She'll be down at the food bank in Claridges and, when they run out, she'll push her way to the front like she's got some sort of entitlement over a mother of six living in a tower block off the A40 on Universal Credit. Effing Tories! x
Note... before the Lisbon Treaty was imposed upon us in 2008 the process for leaving was to simply leave. The Lisbon Treaty (which was initially rejected by the Dutch and the French who were told to vote again and get it right) introduced the two year trap of being a full paying, non participating member until the remaining members vote to allow you to go.

We should just Leave! (I won't say 'Crash Out!'... Oh... wait a mo...I just did)
Anthony Shackley
Gitmo made a jail wing especially for Obama, Hillary, Soros, and all the globalist sociopathic entities that curse this planet. Have they not got space for our kid likkle Owen?. Just charge him (without trial) for being Owen Jones. He can have a debate with all his communist/socialist mates shouting through iron bars and be in good company too whilst saving us sane people of having to listen to his rants.
Joe Lindley
Would love to know what this magical technology is that everyone keeps banging on about at the border.
English Nationalist
I like Ann she old school and knows what she's talking.
able adelaide
Gee....ya think Jeremy is fair, balanced and unbiased.......??????? hmmmm
Manuel Odabashian
Time wasting tactics!
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Owen Jones Defends Massive Owen Jones and Ann Widdecombe clash 2 months ago   04:28

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Piers Morgan and journalist Owen Jones clash over the legitimacy of protests against Donald Trump's controversial travel ban against several majority-Muslim countries.

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