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Royal Australian Mint produces all of Australia's coins. Open to visitors 7 days & free entry. Deakin, Canberra City. Australia Vlog 68.

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Aussie Coin Hub
Great vlog showing us inside, appreciate it
You know there's nothing to do in a city when you take your dates to parliment house and the mint!
Next date the state library hahaha 😀
Steven Szabo
Neat place. Did they have any Mad Max coins? ;-)
Che espiritu
I totally agree with kanehi who commented about the weirdness of the size of the coin in Au. With this video of yours, I kinda miss hearing you talk more?I thought there might still be some general informations like how do they decide the size of the coins, the designs and their significance to Au, etc?Anyway, that’s why I was thinking there might be a part 2 of this.I’ve just watched the part 2 and yey for date night!:)
The Journey
What a cool experience we have a mint here in dallas but we can’t go in...
Fraser Paintain
So you paid $3 for a $1 coin? I think the mint are on to a winner there 😁
Australian coin money is weird. The larger the coin the less value it has.
michael j
Awesome job . Nice vlog as always
that was cool mate! was it really 24karat gold or just some kinda nickel gold plated metal? lol
Glenn Wheeler
Send a few gold coins my way please.
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Japanese Coin Pusher: Watch Coins at Royal Australian Mint 2 days ago   08:25

Took everyone's feedback and shot this video today.
Wider shot, sub 9 min video for those who want to see a 1000 coin tower fall!!

For those who want to be instantly gratified, fast forward to about 7 mins!

Withdrew 800 coins to play. Banked ~1300 afterwards.
Net profit: approx 500 coins.
Time spent playing : 30 mins