Steve Vai vs Ralph Macchio Epic Steve Vai - "Tender Surrender" 3 months ago   06:27

John White
Steve Vai Guitar duel on Crossroads

Ralph Macchio parts recorded by Arlen Roth, Ry Cooder and Bill Kanengiser.

Crossroads (1986)

Ralph Macchio is Lightning Boy. A kid who can make a slide guitar sing. Blind Dog is an old pro who knows it. Together, they're headed to a place where deals are made. And legends are born.

Director: Walter Hill
Writer: John Fusco
Producer: Mark Carliner
Stars: Ralph Macchio, Joe Seneca, Jami Gertz, Steve Vai

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Lets be honest we all wanted Steve Vai to win
nanda mpsh
4:59 its like yngwie malmsteen song
James Miller
That is some dirty slide blues rock guitar. Steve Vai had nothing on that. The last bit though, where Steve Vai couldn't hit the high note, any guitarist knows you could teach a 12 year old to hit that note in a few days.
Ronin Editor
Wasn't the reason Vai's "devil" couldn't play these notes something to do with them being "religious" notes? It's been ages but I thought I remember something about that and when I was in college, one of my music theory classes said something about the church banning, I believe, the E chord, something to do with it being a "6" vs. a "7" and people say rock music is "satanic" because its foundation is based on the E chord, basically. But correct me if I'm wrong, I thought the was something about this scale being "religious" notes.
Ralph plays the same role all the time. He's the underdog in some competition. He stands wide eyed and is visibly nervous. Then he humbly performs a masterpiece and continues with the wide eyed unsure look as if he's unsure whether he did a good job or not.
I like this
Ronin Editor
3:51 - His mentor's look is AMAZING... goes from defeated to... oh wait, what, in the span of a couple seconds. Beautiful moment.
Matt Celis
Because playing lots of notes really fast means you're great?
Richard Herzog
Always thought this was the gayest scene ever and again I'm right
Daniele Baldini
what a bullshit
machimmy webells
I thought he was gonna smash his guitar at that kids head lol
Johnathan Perez
E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness brought me here!
ahmad rojabah
sing wadon kaya manuk anggas
And somehow a few folks turned this into something religious... #1. It's a MOVIE. #2. It's a MOVIE and #3. There's no such as "The Devil." Just enjoy the playing... Vai, Cooder, whomever. Cool scene. Vai's a monster, so is Cooder. Cool stuff.
Yuri Zverev
Aaron Archual
steve vai throws guitar down on ground... "Out of my friggin' way! Free 80's shredder played by Steve Vai!"
Bass Pro37
At 4:00 that sounds like sumthin malmsteen would play. I know I spelled his last name wrong.
Alas, a curious case of a man who sold his soul for talent and a man who’s talent came from his soul. Just another chess match, from the twilight zone.
Rubin Chandra
5:27, please steve, you act too much, nobody gonna fail on the guitar like that one, left hand out of fretboard? bending a wind? that's insane
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Steve Vai - "Tender Surrender" Steve Vai vs Ralph Macchio Epic 3 months ago   05:24

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