The Warriors’ desperation led to Kevin Durant’s Cris Carter reacts to Steve 1 day ago   14:12

Speak For Yourself
Jason Whitlock strongly believes Kevin Durant shouldn't have played in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals. Find out why Whitlock thinks the Golden State Warriors and Steve Kerr are 'hypocrites' for allowing KD to play.

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The Warriors’ desperation led to Kevin Durant’s injury — Jason Whitlock | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Speak For Yourself

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Speak For Yourself
Will the Warriors be able to win Game 6 without KD?
GSWs lost KD and Klay as all-stars. Ask Cousins if he is the same player he used to be. Ultimate stupidity and selfishness to put those players out there while not recovered. Their era is over and it never had to end this soon.
Robert A.
Completely agree that they should have brought KD in at certain points. Bring him in for a few shots, for an emotional lift etc. G.S. ended up looking desperate and thus they dropped the ball. And agree, though I am a Raptor fan as I live in Tur-on-oh (lol), we took advantage of the situation and we won. Let's Go Raptors! This was a magical year for us and we not only knocked the monkey off our back but also the Drake curse is dead lol. :)
Andreas Ryge
Injuries always part of Finals but this was 100% determined by injuries. 8 of GS 9 best players had massive traumatic injuries, so congrats Toronto but not since 1989 has injuries so thoroughly decided the chip like this.
Jacob Bridleman
Bring back Chair!
Roch Fortune
Don't know about you but I don't trust that guy on that chair at 4:33
Hard Ball
Was Kevin Durant the only player who play with injuries or there were several of them who does the same thing? Why can't we say the same thing with Klay, Iggy, Kevon Lonny and Steph with dislocated finger?
Chevell Hamilton
That not the warriors to blame not the warriors staff to be blamed for not never not now
Steve Carter
Cheered when he went down
erica olsen
Haochi Zhang
Raptors knew he was going to be vulnerable so they tried to attack him within paint all the time to try to limit his minutes. But warriors payed no attention to any of those and the first time he tried to do anything explosive, tragedy happens.
Yep no was there for KD 4:34
Robert Garcia
The truth? Durant wanted to play. That's all. Deal with it.
Mikel Keith
Durant is just a victim of Karma, he knows going to the Warriors was a weak sale out move, so now it is time to pay the piper, plus Toronto was going to win that series no matter what , they showed they wasn't scared , and had more heart, and will to win.
Did that Super bowl guy really literally died that day ?
San Diego
Whitlock is AN IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!
how does this fool get paid to be on TV ???
pablo sendong
It’s time Klay and Kevin to spend those salary in millions to cure their injuries plus therapy and rest for one year maybe.
Ronald Shiffman
I think the injury was KD's fault. If KD says to the Warriors, ' I want to finish out my career with Golden State and sign a max contract for 4 or 5 more years', there is NO WAY Golden State allows him to play in that game.
They would not bet the next 4 seasons on that game. But, if KD gives off the vibe that 'I'm out of here after the series.', Golden State would naturally think, 'We absolutely need this win tonight. We don't know where KD is going next year. It's play tonight for us, or maybe never.
Steve Kerr is the only one i blame because he could have protected KD from himself by limiting him, if not just make him sit and play clean up minutes. The fact he let him start and run the entire time i will put this completely on Kerr and his desperation! And now this young man may face a morality of his career if he never returns to form. A coach is not there to just teach, but also to protect the players.
kevin couture
smart move by gsw to keep kd and klay 2 free agents this year. they probably unlqced their shoes or something
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Cris Carter reacts to Steve The Warriors’ desperation led to Kevin Durant’s 1 day ago   07:08

Cris Carter talks about Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr's recent comments saying that Kevin Durant was ‘cleared to play by everybody involved’. Hear why Cris believes KD received 'bad advice'.

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Cris Carter reacts to Steve Kerr's comments on Kevin Durant's injury | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright