DURAMAX NEW EVEN BIGGER TURBO Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect 2 months ago   10:02

Street Speed 717
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It’s so annoying how much he says he wants to own A Raptor and just to get views
Def need to take Shane some Chick-fil-A!!
Julio Navarro
Am I the only one that seen the ballsack sign in the back at 25 ??
Off-road Nation
Not doing twins... because triples😂
what happened to the 570S????? i loved that car.....
Do It Yourself
Buys a car drops 50k into it..... still can’t run a 9 lol ruby would make that 720s look like a bitch
John Painter
How does he run without a plate?
I'm 0:10 in and I've already seen your ballsack :)
Srt Jg
Yup do your thing
Your here to entertaine
Garrett Sparks
Please take off your cap
I seriously want a Duramax now.. Dammit Mike!
That girl at the drive thru window was fucking cute
so instead of saysing youborrow a vehicle, you mislead people into thinking it's yours for the 1st time viewers...
Ricky Parker
Do you have an upgrade intercooler?
Joseph Smith
Borrow cleeter's crown vic.... the decals are appropriate
wesley kautz
Mudding in the zr2
Duramax Lover42
Could you do one on a new duramax
Brandon Richards
Jump the ZR2, no balls you won't😂
JDM Kidd
Try to fix the train horn
Randall Young
Damn buddy what did you wrinkle your rear quad wheel on? ouch!!
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Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect DURAMAX NEW EVEN BIGGER TURBO 2 months ago   10:25

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