Ep 11. CRUSOE & THE MAGIC LAMP - If Your Episode 6: Crusoe's Trip to St Lucia 1 day ago   03:11

Crusoe the Dachshund
In this episode, Crusoe the dachshund as #Aladdin is wandering about the desert, searching for the long-lost magic lamp. Finally he stumbles upon it, digging it out of the sand.

Of course to open up the genie, he has to lick it - and low and behold, out comes the weenie genie! Played by Oakley of course! The genie dog offers Crusoe 3 wishes. Two wishes are spent right away haphazardly on food, which the genie shakes his head at. And the third wish, Crusoe wants to go home so wants an Uber. But there's no Uber in the desert - only BANANA BUBER! The magic carpet with Abu the monkey, in this case once again played by Oakley, arrives to take Crusoe home!

They arrive home and look - it turns out to be all in their playtime imagination!

Enjoy this cute and funny video of #dogs playing Aladdin skit!

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Crusoe the Dachshund
What's your banana rating for this vid?! 😋👍
juli cochran
Omg!!! So beautiful video!!! Love the special effects!!! Awesome!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥰🥰🥰🥰
Anderson Ramlackhansingh
Well my old dog molly would want food a mansion and more wishes
Nisha Cope
My dog whould wish for lots of toys, lots of treats, and get lots of love
Sky Blue Daisy
Mh wishes would be end pollution, a million dollars, and a hedgehog lol
Shaggy !
Yo weenie geenie
iiSlime Xx
Liz CORNEJO Narvadez
eli paityn
So cute 😁🐕
Stich and Totoros channel
Infinite food
My dogs three wishes
Makaela Ruvalcaba
treats treats and more treats
오늘도 똑똑하고 귀여운 애기들♡♡
karla irene
My dogs wishes would be to eat human food and go on walks everyyyyday and be treadted like human
Reggie And Zippy
dabbing Beast
My dogs three wishes is to
1.Fight a cat
3.be free
Erin McNab
My dog Holly’s wishes would be to:
•to talk
•to be able to listen better 😅😂🤣
•to not be scared of washing and getting dried with a hairdryer
Flight Man 001
I WILL GIVE THIS A 3125612781238917389129312782878911234567899291018`9348821912388128387587271881723891928199382934885838 banana rating. BTW THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!
jo Lee
Idk but Ima get a dachshund on June 28th and I'll tell you
Andi Hernandez
There so cute
Lee Palacios
Aldo I love your vids
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Episode 6: Crusoe's Trip to St Lucia Ep 11. CRUSOE & THE MAGIC LAMP - If Your 1 day ago   06:17

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In Crusoe's second part of his trip to St. Lucia, he explores more of what the island has to offer, including a hike up for a better view of the Pitons Mountains, a visit to the botanical garden and waterfall, Pigeon Island National Park and the old fort where a little incident as pirate occurs, digging on the beach for treasure, a visit to the Hotel Chocolat chocolate cacao plantation tour, a delectable dinner at the Rainforest Hideaway, and choosing his own yacht.

Interested in visiting St. Lucia? Check out http://oasismarigot.com for villa rentals across the island.

Big thanks to http://hotelchocolat.com for having us on their cacao tour.