10 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE COMING I HAD TO LEAVE EGYPT مصر المغرب 4 months ago   04:42

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You've heard EGYPT is dangerous right? That it's not safe to travel here, let alone travel here as a SOLO FEMALE..?

Fine, watch this video then make your decision.

See you in Egypt

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Sexual Assaults in Egypt

Unfortunately, Egypt has a reputation of sexual harassment and assaults against women, both local and travelers.

In a study done in 2013 by the UN's Enitity for Gender Equality, it's estimated that 99% of women in Egypt have been sexually harassed at some point; with most reporting groping followed by verbal abuse.


So rather take a man with you
Abdelaziz Familie
Sup im From *EGYPT* You have a *Point. Egypt is TOO HOT It's Almost 45 Degrees I GUESS. Also and Yep Everything is Cheap for sure.*
Big Boom
egypt is cheap for Tourists but for Egyptions is extremely expensive
gigie sweeton
"Egypt is extremely cheap" DUH. I don't think soo
I really wanted to go to Egypt.. now I wanna go even more!!
Hrafn of Thule
U didn’t mention the crazy sexual harassment women face! But maybe you like it as it strokes your ego having creepy men want you!
Peggy Cross
I love your video and so agree...I love Egypt! What do you do there?
I’m going to Egypt for a 2 week stay from america. So wanted to know if you would recommend for me to get vaccinated first? The typhoid and Hepatitis A shots
ABDo Atef
Egypt is a great adventure and have way more than what you see here . If any of you guys is interested in visiting Egypt and needs someone to show them around the country I will gladly do it if I am available 😊
My WhatsApp: +201019197251
سامي محمد
When I came from Egypt I was so bad at English and only speaking Arabic
Jazzy Jones
You may have convinced me👍🏽😎
Nabiha Islam
I’m from Egypt, been there four times, and can speak fluent Arabic. I love it there. You are so kind and knowledgeable
awesome models
3:54 Btw if you think that the media hates Egypt thats nothing compare to how the media hates Iraq
Paltu Guchhait
Wow..thanks for shearing
Stojanovic Ratko
Such a Positiv Person!! Like x 1000
Asadullah Wagan
Take me with you to the tour
ClaraFreeSprit F
I'm going to Egypt 💛💛💛😻
hayaan khan
Music is gr8 with the amazing videography
Mido Gemy
thx sarah am egyptian...i like ur way in video now we in 2018 i hope to see you here again its ur second country you are welcome
Megan Sorge
Going on a Contiki tour next month through Egypt! So stoked
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I HAD TO LEAVE EGYPT مصر المغرب 10 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE COMING 4 months ago   07:35

Egypt is one of my favourite countries I have travelled to so far! You need to visit Egypt at least once in your life a witness the beauty of the culture and the people. I will be coming back one day Egypt! Thanks for having me. Thank you for watching vlog #68!

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