Test run through Troels Kirk's Model Railroad Scenery: Getting 5 months ago   02:57

Test running one of my small 4-4-0 Americans over semi-clean track... the chuff rate must be quite a lot faster, and the equalizer needs tweaking to get better sound as well. And the gearbox needs lubrication after four years of stand-still and neglect...

Yes, I know the headlight is turned off in one sequence :)

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Joey Badabing
Ollie Ahokas
I had the pleasure to follow the progress of this layout one of the forums and it was a treat to see it not just getting finished with all the little stories on various scenes incorporated to this layout. It became a bit like a family among the members and Troels showed at least for me new construction ideas and all those show quality buildings he finished in a rapid paice. First you saw a very skilled and detailed sketch of wht he had in mind, then next time the mock up was already there and the couple of days later, finished scene. WOW. This is not just a layout with those cute narrow gauge trains. Cute is what usually narrow gauge looks like even in the real world, but this is more than that, a very detailed world of it own, which is I guess the hardest thing to do. One day I have to visit it myself!
Excellent layout! Great water work. One critique I might mention is that the grass seems a bit overly zealous. I.e. at around 1:00 the grass seems overwhelming - could look more realistic if there was less grass and bushes and more dead areas with just dirt and rocks. Just my 2 cents.
Kenneth Rich
Your detail & realism blows everyone else's away. FANTASTIC sir !
How can someone dislike a beautiful layout like this? It must be a master :-)
ub railroad al anza - Check me out
this is very well done, your buildings and scenery look super
Very nice modelling but not so sure about the choice of track...
Steve Mellin
very nice
Chris Shaw
What happened to Troelskirk, hope he is OK and continuing with his wonderful layout.
Fantastic Scenery & Views!!!
I've been having a hard time deciding between HO & On30 for our new 14'6" by 54' layout...
... but I think you just sold me on On30 here!!!
Thanks For Sharing!
Will & Wendy,
Tom Jenssen
I come very often to see this layout as it gives me lots of inspiration. I hope you will make another update soon. All the best...Tom
PARBARS inScale.
Du hast mein Abo
Jeff Currie
I never thought I'd see a narrow gauge llayout that equaled the late Paul Scoles Sn3 Pelican Bay, but this one is a contender. Well done!
Delta Force Airsoft
Absolutely great job. 0:21 looks like it's real made he have to look twice
Rock Island
Your layout is stunning! In the truest sense of the word; I was stunned! You shot it so professionally as well. Great job!
I have to ask about your backdrop. Did you paint that yourself? The clouds (shape, shading & color) are amazing!
You must be proud of this layout. You SHOULD be proud of this layout. It's fantastic.
I look forward to seeing more videos.
Super nice!!!
Bertus Duiverman
Kinzer Hurt
This is the best layout I have ever seen.
Matthew Toy
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Model Railroad Scenery: Getting Test run through Troels Kirk's 5 months ago   08:19


scenery basics, but I do things way different than most model railroaders.

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