sam gellaitry - understanding MK x Jonas Blue x Becky Hill 1 month ago   03:16

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Snapped up from his home town of Stirling by LA-based label collective Soulection at the tender age of just 16, Scottish producer Sam Gellaitry has since established himself as something of a prodigy amongst the music elite. With a critically-acclaimed three-part EP release on XL recordings and an impressive Boiler Room set that’s racked up hundreds of thousands of views to date, ‘Understanding’ takes us right back to Gellaitry’s teenage roots. Sterling work!

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*How old where you when you first discovered house music & which track was it?* 🤔
Aaa678 0
2:37 whoa
Zac Z.
future house?
Kater r
Who is from the battlefield gun sync? :D
DeadlyNightOwl 2
Ash100HD brought me here
shaolin slumz
love this type of sound 🔥✌️👌
In love with this one
12 years old and it was "Cocola" from Weast ( I am 14 years old ) ; )
Andres Ponce
This one’s special omg 😮
Kim Tillman
Whatta tune "talk to me, I'll understand". ♡
Shantanu Gaikwad
Thought my internet was down for the first few seconds 😂
alberto sabaini
i was a kid, I think 10 years old
Hafida Adnani
Good 😘😍♥️♥️
Selected fire❤
Sofia Sepi
is this song on spotify?
s a n a ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
Nice one!! What kind of house music is this? :)
Jose pablo Aquiahuatl Palacios
Sounds from disclosure, and I love it!
Big up our Scottish Producers, refreshing track!
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MK x Jonas Blue x Becky Hill sam gellaitry - understanding 1 month ago   03:17

Selected - Music on a new level.
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