Tali Beach House, Batangas 2017 Tali Beach Batangas 1 day ago   10:36

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Tali beach house, private beaches & mansions. Boat ride & scuba diving. Fresh squid from local fishermen. Nasugbu, Batangas. Popular shooting location for local TV shows. Philippines Season 1, Episode (20/26).

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John Richardson
looks amzaing place
are those houses for rent or youre just lucky to have filipino friends to take you anywhere? haha tali is pretty exclusive place lucky you.
Arthur Santi
life is good
Andrea C.
Your videos make me feel so homesick! Yet in a good way that is sad lol. But anyways, I love your laugh haha
Why didnt you go cliff jumping! Haha awesome travel vlogs, hope you visit the philippines again.
B Adventures Vlogs
Joy Rockk, yes a few people in Philippines told me I look like Jo In Sung, I've seen some of his movies lol. Thanks for watching and travel safe =)   
Joy Rockk
Wow! Thank you so much for an interesting blog and capturing the beauty of my country. Can't wait to go back home. I love your videos by the way. Oh yeah, have someone told you, you look like Jo In Sung? (Korean actor)
Marcus Luger
I love your videos! :D I should work, but im watching for hours now :D And it's pretty cool, that you are visiting all the places i want to visit, and doing all the stuff im interested in (the shooting for example), so this is super helpful! Thanks for the great work!
Thanks for your helpful videos ..... do have web site that i can find more information about the price for trip
wahleed taula
Your camera is really good, at only 360 quality,as if i am watching it in HD.Is it ok if you tell me what camera are you using? 
wahleed taula

I'm always looking forward to watch all your videos about the PH, in fact,I was the 2nd viewer of this feature. I just hope you're not spying for the Chinese gov't. plans of
invading parts of the PH, ha! ha! ha! joke.
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2017 Tali Beach Batangas Tali Beach House, Batangas 1 day ago   14:37

2017 Tali Beach Batangas Trip. Tali Beach is an exclusive gated community with a private beach located in Nasugbu Batangas around 2 hours from Metro Manila. Tali Beach is known for their cliff jumping and secret beach located with the Cliff walls as well as their main beach. The Tali Beach gated community subdivisions was developed in the 80's by Far East Enterprises Inc.
Aside from knowing a resident you can also rent a house via Airbnb.com starting at around $US 300 per night.

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