Rc Rock Crawler Vs Rc Muscle Car - Mini MASSIVE TIRES + Toyota Body 3 months ago   02:28

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1)MINI ROCK CRAWLER = https://m.gearbest.com/rc-cars/pp_1253124.html?wid=1451296&lkid=18776446

2)MUSCLE CAR=https://amzn.to/2D74522

Best Rc Cheap cars (under 1000rs.)


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Brainy arts
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Purchase mini truck here - https://m.gearbest.com/rc-cars/pp_1253124.html?wid=1451296&lkid=18792476
Komal Singh
I am buy this car what is prise
Rc rock crawler
Manisha Devi
Kitna ke ha black car
Anshu Malik
eswar talabattula
I like RC Rock Clawler
Ganesh Debnath
Muscle car
Mehjbi Beg
very good
Aryan Gupta
Ultimate bro you're good ooossssmmm
Rock clawer
venkatesh 9998
Rc rock
Ajay 123
Nice cars bro
rolling action
Rc muscle car is looks better
Anant Singh
Yi in nnmjkk
Cracker is best
Bhagyesh .C.S
Rock crawler
Geeta Dubbewar
Borra Leeladhar
Rock crawarl is best
Jagannath Jaiswal
Blue car looks good
Elenn Mae
What is the title of the song???
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MASSIVE TIRES + Toyota Body Rc Rock Crawler Vs Rc Muscle Car - Mini 3 months ago   09:07

This is my now "vintage" Axial XR10. Discontinued several years ago.. I keep this this truck close by in my shop - for any time people want to have an MOA Competition. What is an MOA?! It is a "Motor on Axle" setup. Whereas, the vehicle has 2 electric drive motors, one per axle. There is a transmission mounted right on the axle, and gets power from a Dual ESC setup. The ESC is a "heart" for lack of a better term - and controls the power to each motor. By controlling these individual motors - I can create pivot points, and "anchor points" as I demonstrated in this film. There are many advantages including overdriving, and under-driving individual axles. This entire crawler is powered by a 3s, 11.1v lipo battery. I am using a futaba transmitter and receiver for a radio setup.

When in doubt, throttle out!

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