Learn Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs! Maya writing 5 months ago   07:09

Keenan Britt
Part 3 of the Ancient Egyptian Alphabet. In this video you'll also learn to read the name of an Old Kingdom Pharaoh!

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rami issa
Did Zahi Hawas stop you ?
Keep the vids comming bud
Jennifer Pham-Van
how do we write "e" like in jennifer
Alex Seal
nice, thank you
Aleksandr Ivanov
Really well done teaching videos! Hopefully you can continue making tutorials in the future
sandeep dudhraj
Keenan, I was looking some one to teach me, Ancient Egyptian Language and stumble upon this one. Why did you stop man ? Please... teach us Grammar, how to decode it and other interesting thing. I saw comments below and I'm hopeful you'll continue this great work. Thank you.
Great .. but why did you stop? .. there so many hieroglyphs left
Dark Greninja
Teagan 13
Is there a fourth video or is this all?
yes! please go on! This is really great :) please go on :)
Annemarie Willis
near end of this video you show us the name khufu and you talk us through it.you say the circle is the 2nd h,but earlier you said the circle with lines which also can be showen as a circle without lines is the 3rd h.please forgive me if i have got that wrong
Where is your fourth part of this series? You got me going and I can't seem to find your next video. Please upload. Please.
Kenssy Serrano
Is this the whole alphabet?
will there be more your the best on the internet and where is your first video?
wise hephaestus
Toth build the pyramids
Ben Clough
when are you going to do another?
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Maya writing Learn Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs! 5 months ago   02:46

The Maya invented a system of writing unlike anything before or since.