Cris Carter Angry react [DEBATE] Bad look for Richard Sherman? 1 week ago   11:42

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Claudette Henson
question to really think about? why are all these players that get in trouble; hunt, dixon, peterson, and rice are black? if you really want to change it have only white players play.
don brassco
Fabian Moye
Why they keep calling it domestic violence?
228 Ogee
Chris Carter stfu
Brian Bey
It's not the NFL, It's how these guys are raised! If it wasn't for the NFL he would be on the streets terrorizing the neighborhood! Some guys can't shake that mentality!
coach p
This discussion was pointless. There is nothing that the NFL can do about that situation. I don't see any other profession going out on doing anything about people's personal lives. Doctors lawyers judges police officers don't get firedfour issues that happened in their personal life. So why are we trying to make the NFL accountable? The fact is, nobody's placing the blame on this underaged drinking, trespassing, disturbing the peace, racial slur antagonist White woman. Also why didn't TMZ show the video of her police interview.
Pablo Martinez
The problem with women today is that they want to be victims and victors at the same time and those are incompatible
Disappointed in cris he straight cooning and making excuses for a system that destoys men and women but allows the powerful to get away with exact behavior. Stop it guys
robert holmes
Freddie Gray , philando Castile Terence Crutcher Alton Sterling, Sam Dubose, Jamar Clark Jeremy mcdole William Chapman Walter Scott Eric Harris Tamar rice Akai Gurley Michael Brown Eric Garner just to name a few
I no for fact he they will care now loosing money r a job r even prison dam babysitting a mother fucker u no why there is two hundred thousand other gud behaving guys wanna play
Come on blakk folks b real the shit these guys r doing now they wasn't doing bk in the day maybe there wasn't phones & cameras videos if ur making this money really making money need to stop bull shit
Bob gates
why is this being talked about as domestic violence? She is not his partner, and was not in his home. as far as I know he had no relation to this tramp. This should be looked at as a bar fight that he won.
Jason The Terrible
Bottom line, if a bitch comes at me like that she better square up. She's either getting equal rights and lefts or shaken baby syndrome.
MoKush 4Me
Should've slapped that Bitch from wall to wall ...
Jackass Dick
Stop being a sellout if a bitch wanna step up to a dude they get exactly what they deserve equal rights equal fight nigga
Justin Squibb
Carter is full of shit saying you have to turn into a different person on gameday....
Hearing about the Hunt situation and seeing the video are in stark contrast. I thought he killed the lady then I saw the video. Not that serious in my opinion. She seemed to be the aggressor, no one knows what was said or happened without audio. He doesn't need "help" per say. He needs to learn to keep better company.
Dean Thorence
Terry Crew's book would be a good read for all of them.
I do not watch the show dumbass show
If I behave like that through professional athlete I would expect to get my ass beat why shouldn't she? What happened to equality you sexist fucks?
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[DEBATE] Bad look for Richard Sherman? Cris Carter Angry react 1 week ago   08:34

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