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Reef saving Mooring Buoy Inspection

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This video is third in a series of short pieces highlighting the work of the Kuwait Dive Team, a group of young volunteers working to protect marine habitats in the Gulf and around the world through community- and student-led beach clean-ups, diving and salvaging operations, and creature rescue and rehabilitation.

For more information about Team, visit their website, like their page on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram.


Kuwait has three beautiful coral islands, large reef colonies well worth a visit. Sadly, one of the biggest threats to coral is unconscientious visitors. Swimming too close and touching coral kills the living animals. Breaking pieces off as souvenirs is not a harmless act - it's destroying animal life that took decades and decades to grow.

To get to Kuwait's coral islands, you need to take a boat. And these machines are generally more dangerous than an individual diver. Oil from engines upsets the chemistry of the water, throwing the ecosystem out of balance. Rubbish discarded from boats is swallowed by fish and birds or left to degrade at the bottom of the ocean, with a single soda can taking 200 years to break down.

The anchors that boats drop, though, is one of the greatest threats. The sharp metal and forceful impact tears reefs apart. More coral are likely to be killed as the anchor is pulled up. To help mitigate the damage done to coral from boat anchors, the Kuwait Dive Team installs and maintains mooring buoys around the islands and other environmentally rich areas of Kuwait. Boats can tie to these buoys rather than dropping anchor, avoiding harm to the seabed and making it easier for boats to both park and resume their journeys.

These buoys may seem a small step, but they help save entire feet of reef each time a boat visits a coral area. With all of the traffic around Kuwait's islands, this adds up to a great deal of saved animals and habitat. Brochures and publicity help to ensure seafarers use the buoys effectively and understand the purpose behind them. Together, boaters and environmentalists like the Dive Team can ensure the gorgeous world underwater remains beautiful and worthy of visiting for years to come.