Snorkelling Sharm El Sheikh 2013 Moray Eel vs. Porcupinefish 7 months ago   09:51

Chris Kidd Films
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A short video showcasing the stunning beauty of the Coral Reefs found in the Red Sea. Filmed during a recent visit to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, with close encounters with a vast array of fish and marine life including an Octopus, Moray Eels, Crocodilefish, Stingrays and many more...

If you love snorkelling, you'll love this video. If you don't love snorkelling, hopefully you will after watching! Enjoy.

All music performed by Chris Kidd, including solo piano covers of I giorni and Nuvole Bianchi, both written by Ludovico Einaudi.

Filmed using Go pro Hero 3 Black.

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Yohanna Samir
sharm is by far one of the best cities in Egypt, it could be only competed by the sea of marsa alam yet it will win back the title by the night life.
wish you have enjoyed your time, hope all foreign visitors enjoy my beautiful country and my condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the unfortunate airplane disaster.
Lauren Kidd
Great video!
Макс Беляков
Здорово!!!!!!! Cool!!!!!!!!
At 6:17 I could almost hear the moray saying "Dude, really, stop.".
Wow, wow, my, so pretty, it's on my list to go but my husband always say it's still dangerous to go to Egypt...all look like seen only when diving, but u say it's snorkeling, I am totally overwhelmed! :) great video!
Shane Franks
I'm sure you thought that taking this video was great , and some of it was fine. I just feel that you may want to consider not getting so close to the marine life. They seem disturbed and that is the point they can and do attack.
Павел Болоянгов
я соскучился по рыбам. Пора в Египет.
Omg been there for one week and came back just two days ago! in the exact same hotel! I love it i was snorkeling all day!!!! but this wasnt all at the house reef, right? 
Angelo Ballerini
HI, beatiful video, the reef of witch hotel is?
David Curant
How did u edit the video?
jose oriol
Great video !!
Hey, great vid. Regarding the hotel, they have similar names, do you have a link to tripadvisor review of thus hotel?
Excellent, I will need to get one on these cameras. Puts my feeble attempt to shame, what location in sharm?
Hi, this is so wonderful. can i ask what camera you used?
Henning Schulte
Nice Pictures, editing and music-composition.
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Moray Eel vs. Porcupinefish Snorkelling Sharm El Sheikh 2013 7 months ago   03:12

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