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Modern Vintage Gamer
I bought a Premium Refurbished Nintendo Wii from GameStop to make a Modding and Homebrew Video. And this is what happened.

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Indra Chaudhari
Just like its name GameStop, it simply just stops your gaming.
Yes but is it clean?
Spike and the phone
6:43 "wii u"
Buy from Nintendo's refurbished website.
Trump's Tiny Hands
That eject button fault is really common
Andrew Hunt
I got a refurb Wii from Ebay for $40 about a year. It was a rental unit and they didn't remove all the Mii's out of it, so when I play Wii Sports, I got tons of other characters to play against. The machine still plays today, and I have it softmodded with external storage and stuff. Reliable old machine, its in a better home now.
I bought a Wii refurb from GameStop and it was a total mistake. Made noises and smelled funny
Brian C
So u got a system with a fault, Big Deal. If I buy a WII I'll get one that works not your one, U even said that the problem was a Nintendo design issue so why you blaming GameStop.
This looks more like a Nintendo design flaw than a GameStop issue, although they do have issues of their own as well! Nintendo should have put a simple brace behind that internal eject switch.
GameStop employee: Should we not or should we sell this Nintendo Wii gaming system with a broken eject button?
GameStop owner: Yes!
Music used?
LPC Drop The Bass
I once bought a refurbished ps4 from GameStop and it was the cuh 1200 model and it wreaked of cigarette smoke so I opened it up and found tar and nicotine in it so I took it back and complained about the smell and they simply answered with "so who cares" and I decided to go ahead and report them and they gave me a call and threatened me by saying "you fucked up badly I will find where you live and I will beat your ass" so needless to say that guy is in jail
Bottom line, it's a definite design flaw by Nintendo. The button needs a solder point on the front of it to solder it to the board and keep it from rocking backwards. One single solder point on the front side of the switch to the board would have sufficed. If you're going to add a dab of Hot Glue, I would do it to the front side of the switch to keep it from rocking back, not on the back side. I wonder of the other front switches have the same issue?
Auto Gamer
Indra Chaudhari that is such a true statement
Better title:
Don’t buy from GameStop
Only buy manufacturer refurbished with a 1yr warranty such as on the official Nintendo site.
LunalaGamerGirl YouTube
How weird my refurbished Xbox 360 works!?
One thing is, there should be bits of the shielding of the eject switch that should go THROUGH the board to be soldered on that side too.
BUT even if that were done.. it's bad design means it's a matter of time before it comes off again.
I worked at gamestop for 3 years and i can tell you that any system that gets sent to be referb has a much higher chance then buying one of the pre owned systems. I was stuned at the condition of the referbed systems i had seen sent to my store. The systems that are just listed as used or pre owned are all tested by one of the store employees and they are required to load a game up before they take it in trade. If you want to know if your system was sent off to be referbed there will be a colored sticker on the box. You can see it in this video it looked pink to me and was a circle
It's a simple assembly error. The tab that pushes the button shoved the button off it's pads when the front panel was reinstalled. It was probably tested with some portion of the covers off to save having to open it back up for some error then reassembled as working. There's no sense speculating about a complicated chain of events or inventing stories when the answer is so obvious. Anyone who has spent any amount of time fixing old gear or modding equipment has had an equivalent problem during reassembly. Fix it or return it but accept that these are used machines handled by humans.
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The Apple IIgs Restoration - When DONT buy Premium Refurbished systems 5 months ago   11:51

My adventures restoring an Apple IIgs - things don't always go the way you expect them to!

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