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I bought a Premium Refurbished Nintendo Wii from GameStop to make a Modding and Homebrew Video. And this is what happened.

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Indra Chaudhari
Just like its name GameStop, it simply just stops your gaming.
Heather Villalta
I have a Gamestop refurbished PS3, got it for cheap, still runs amazing.

It makes me wonder if it got bumped in shipping on that corner at that button, causing a faulty design to finally give out (because that really is a terrible way to design a button, almost guaranteeing eventual breakage).
Guess I got lucky when I bought a used Xbox One at GameStop last year, ran just fine right out of the box and it's still going strong today. Saved a ton!

Won't deny it, they did try to hype up a new One X, but I politely turned it down.
Mike Mclain
I never buy used or refurbished, i always buy new. games are to never be returned because how little you get back and new games because of low resale value to them.
This is when you regret the old systems with a hole where you could put a pin which would eject your disc.
Eli Bledsaw
tbh bought a xbox 360 works perfectly fine had it for almost 3 years now
I bought a “Premium Refurbished” Wii U from game stop and the disc drive would not even read a disc
Paul O'Neal
I would never purchase used electronic devices.
I bought a refurbished PS Vita from gamestop 4 years ago and never had a problem with it
Defaul_T M
complaining about a simple fix you can do yourself, even take the time to look up youtube tutorials if you arent confident. not to mention gamestop is at the end of their lifespan, cut em some slack
keon ssj
Sorry for what you experienced, but the refurbished fat white xbox 360 I got is fine and works perfectly
Caleb Cotten
I understand a youtuber trying to check the refurbished consoles but as a end user I think anyone would be a moron to buy then and this is what I've always thought even before youtubers started on this buy a something every week and act pissed about it on camera. Not you mvg your the man but there are other channels that are making this the only thing they do and I can't see that keeping subs very long but what do I know.
Squid Word
I bought a used xbox from gamestop and had it for almost a year and its fine am i lucky?
I had a good refurbished Xbox 360
xd Scepter
I bought a 360 a month ago but it still works! (Hopefully)
You should take a look at the Discounted consoles in CeX around here in the UK. Things look like they've been used as a football or an ashtray sometimes. I got a controller with a gamecube I ordered and the thing has either battlescars or abuse history considering the last owner but out their cigarette on it and the thing had a hard time registering button presses.

Thank god the gamecube is just dirty.
That why I buy things online
I'll take that Wii, heck, I don't need a disk drive to do what I do :D

but yeah, same thing happened to my now bricked wii
been with me through the years, I share quite a relationship with it, and the button literally just fell off.

now since DOP-MII killed it, it's ascending into something better :D
I'm looking to turn the thing into a PCIe GPU and see if I can actually make a game that runs on it (possibly even expanding it's RAM capacity beyond 64MB)

the other reason I want to do this
GX2 is a joke in comparison to GX (GX2 is just OpenGL with a GX extended wrapper)
frame-drops galore compared to GX's stability and functionality
did you know the Wii *can* do bloom effect shaders
yeah, there's a *lot* of untapped potential the Wii had, and I want to see if I can get more out of it :)
Zoltan Markus
In the past I worked together with service workshops to work out solutions to design issues left in certain consumer electronics machines, and claimed by customers (as warranty fialures, gerebnated expensive repairs).

For me that eject button looks like a weak design and built-in defect. We may hammer the repair workshop, but a more robust solution (less cheap button) should have been built in by the Japanese engineer into WII, to not break down so easily. I suppose it is not the only machine having thsi kind of problem.

(on the other hand it raises further questions: if the defect is well known (and it should be, just by it's weak construction), and in the top defect pareto, why the service guy did not check it before finished all the hard job done on the aesthetic parts?)

Just to give some hints, how this button could be done better:
-In the small desktop PCs (Lenovo, Dell, Shuttle I know) this external eject button on the front does NOT directly pushes the button on the DVDs, but via a small plastic arm, that utilizes a small spring effect between the finger and the DVD button, to prevent mechanical overstress. (like this)
-These micro swiches usually have a plastic fixation point to the PCB. In this cse only the soldering joints kept the button in place, and certainyl they will break (due to their size VS direct pushing force).
- "sparta" solution: when the soldering finished and testing done, use some how glue on the sides to fix the connector to the PCB. It is not that hot to damage the PCB or component, but able to withdraw the pushing force.

Actually it is well known (and used) practice in the industry, that after the initial release the engineering/development team start to work on a) solving maket failures in mass production machines and tat the same time b) initiate cost-saving design changes, like swap the button to cheaper one, reduce the lenght of cables, put more functions into one IC, or swap the initial PCB or plastic supplier to a cheaper one, etc, etc.
Most of the cases the Customers will notice nothing out of that, even can have positive side effects too (less components--> probably more reliable product, less soldering, etc). These changes are passing desing testing and validation too. On the other hand I saw in 1998 a horror story, when a shortened and too tight internal flex cable of the front generated ove the time >100% return rate of the product. How >100% is possible? the service workshops also have only the short cable, so after the first warranty repair it became defective again in few month.
Worth to mention, that the initial 5000pcs with the longer flex cable (before the change) had
Alan Berry
The one I got has a really load fan otherwise works perfectly
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The Apple IIgs Restoration - When DONT buy Premium Refurbished systems 2 months ago   11:51

My adventures restoring an Apple IIgs - things don't always go the way you expect them to!

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