India vs China Economy Growth China Military Parade 1945-2018: 6 months ago   03:21

China India Economy Comparison 2018-India China Economy GDP & Exports Growth Race from 1960-Must See 2018/2017
Their growth in economy and exports have varied largely post 1980 and china had made a huge growth many times higher than India and rest of the world.

India and china are 2 prominent economies in the world not only from today but from long history and have been important countries managing large share of global economy.

Based on data from World Bank , International Monetary Fund

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Ron Ron
Nice video man keep it up. And keep making videos. there is market for comparison videos like this. never give up and build your audience
Nick Pitt
India was busy in fighting for Ram Temple during 90s, China was making progress
Godhaniya Vijay
I love my india
Gulabsingh Singh

Gulabsingh Singh
After watching this
We indians are very jelous and
Even hate china more than ever before
xhuagg burl
India will be NO1, From China.
yupeng wu
Stop showing thise fake video we are poor
Like India, China is a third world country.
one day Asian countries will rule the world, long live China!! long live India!!
Maibam Amarjit Singh
it means dictatorship is better than democracy in terms of development
jim kuan
Why does India like to compare with China? What is the point of comparing? You INSPIRE to achieve. You don't compare (most likely adjust parameters to favor youself) and feel good about yourself. So if CHINA INSPIRES you, that is good. That means you have goals to achieve. But if you just want to compare with China to have the hallucination that "hey I am almost as good as China. I FEEL GOOD!" Then you are just taking mental drugs and are trying to escape reality.
omine OL
Every 2 years china gdp grow by 2 trillion hahahaha i feel bad for indien
Vijin Roy
What is INDIA why it's not devaloping like CHINA?
INDIA is British Unified DIVERSE Racial linguistic Religious Cultural Colonies welded in the name of FAKE UNITY 😬
Can you compare Mexico anf Brazil?
zongdao zou
music plz.
Dragonnote8fly Hight
India was invade and rule by Mongols, Greek, Muslims, French, Dutch, Spanish, English, Japanese, Portugal, ect the British alone rule all of India for 200 years
peter peter
WE STRATED growing in 1980 because we just kicked vietnam's ass last year, so we beat them and gained power.
Fan Allen
Love India from China.
Yew Fah Wong
China Vs India =100000000000000000vs 0.1...😂 😂
Afnan Acchan
So India is at least 20 years behind China.
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