India vs China Economy Growth China Military Parade 1945-2018: 4 months ago   03:21

China India Economy Comparison 2018-India China Economy GDP & Exports Growth Race from 1960-Must See 2018/2017
Their growth in economy and exports have varied largely post 1980 and china had made a huge growth many times higher than India and rest of the world.

India and china are 2 prominent economies in the world not only from today but from long history and have been important countries managing large share of global economy.

Based on data from World Bank , International Monetary Fund

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China Military Parade 1945-2018: India vs China Economy Growth 4 months ago   10:08

China Military Parade 1945-2018: China’s Newest and Deadliest Weapons

People's Liberation Army

PLA Ground Force
PLA Navy
PLA Air Force
PLA Rocket Force
PLA Strategic Support Force

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