PMQs: May faces Corbyn amid Brexit and the U.S.-U.K. Defense Relationship 1 day ago   44:19

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Theresa May faces Jeremy Corbyn as the two parties continue trying to thrash out a Brexit compromise. (Subscribe:

Yesterday Labour’s NEC decided the party’s Brexit policy for next month’s European Elections will be to back a second Brexit referendum only if it can’t get the changes it wants to Theresa May’s deal –  or a General Election.


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Patriot 2020
May and Corbyn are globalist puppets just like macron....all worhless POS traitors to their countries, stabbing their own people in the back for the elite
richies quest
Mental may.
ayatollah corebin looks so iranian
John Luther
China has a sweet ❤ deal with you pm 5g is bad security
How can you be a remainer when by doing so you are supporting high tarrifs on goods and sevices that affect the poorest.
Why don't you guys talk about the excessive tarrifs imposed on EU member countries which hurts the poor within the EU, eg: 15% tariffs on South African oranges because the Spanish orange farmers want protection against their inefficient operations.
Some of us want to have a shorter life because it is too depressing watching what is happening to the greatest nation in the world.
Bdger Willams
It's a wounder they haven't drowned in mays bullshit it's like what's the latest lie
Colin Mitchell
What about all the 100s of thousand extra mouths coming into the country every year, That's why.
Billy the pig bradley
All these treacherous politicians should be kicked out of parliament and should be banned from politics for life.traitors everyone of them
mick black
Tell the Irish people in the North off Ireland that there British and see how you get on, out of Ireland and it's out of the eu. Or just asked the English and Irish people to vote on it, if the truth was told the English and Irish people are sick off DUP.
Mario Pantelli
Have you seen the local election results? Now you know the trap Treason May lead Corbyn into. Share the talks, share the blame..
Victim Olympics...
I end of the fixed political system is now behind us. The next general election will see many different faces in our parliament, and they will not be Liberals, Labour, or Tory, they will be those who represent their electorate, and not the party.
pootuis poot
saying you care about something doesnt prove youre doing anything about it may, you div.
I'm really looking forward to the next general election ConLab out!
Michael Richardson
who is the nodding kipper sitting next to commie Corbyn? you could turn her upside down and mop the floor.
These lot are letting SHAMINA BEGUM back in our COUNTRY! They are using OUR tax money to pay her legal fees! THIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT must GO!
Pauline Hunter
Your starving the British tax payers ......
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Brexit and the U.S.-U.K. Defense Relationship PMQs: May faces Corbyn amid 1 day ago   56:47

The House of Commons has rejected the Withdrawal Agreement between Britain and the European Union proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May no fewer than three times. Public debate on this Agreement has focused on its inability to deliver the Brexit that Britain voted for in the landmark 2016 referendum because of the Agreement’s effects on trade, regulations, and the relationship between Ireland and Northern Ireland. However, the Agreement also has important intelligence, defense, and security dimensions. In his presentation, Professor Gwythian Prins, a member of the Chief of the UK Defense Staff’s Strategy Advisory Panel and emeritus research professor at the London School of Economics, will review the Agreement’s shortcomings in these dimensions and set out the risks it poses to the Anglo-American Special Relationship.