Sounds from the Sideline: Seahawks Randy Gregory Continues To Improve 5 months ago   04:32

Dallas Cowboys
Sights and sounds from the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys Wild Card Round game vs the Seattle Seahawks, at AT&T Stadium.

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MWB32786 !
What is the guys name at 3:07
Izaya Wilhite
Mitch Smith
May 2019 anyone
Lord Biscuit
I was at this game
shane peterman
Jaylon Smith is a warrior and leader, immediately when Hurns goes down he calls for prayer!!! That’s right!! I’m a youth sports coach and my team prays together, we specifically pray to YHWH in the name and authority of Yahshua. I coach Muslim kids as well as Jews, it’s mainly Christian BUT I have NEVER had a parent complain about it or get upset with me praying for their kids.
**I do tell parents this at the beginning of each season, and to let me know if that’s an issue.. 11 seasons so far and ZERO issues 🙏🏻💙
Ryan R
Got a Tank, Wolfhunter, General, and Predator
Clanging_Carlos !
Miss you Hurns!
Michael Marzett
More Brad Sham please.
Jack Hintze
“I need an oil change!” 😂
Brad gets me hyped every time
I hate the Seahawks they are a dirty coached team
they broke my cowboy! GO COWBOYS!
Clayton bigsby
Dallas had a chance to Give Dak the Ball Back vs the Rams.with A Lil over 1minute Left. Dak never saw it.
*I bet My Life He takes us Down to score and Win in LA*
Tucker Curl
Pray Jaylon Smith pray
Izaya Wilhite
les go
Brynnen Gregory
Dallas cowboys baby
Everyone shut up!!! If anyone wants to purchase my season tickets please contact me. I think we’re wasting our time with Dak Prescott, I think Jerry ran the Cowboys the best. Stephen Jones is running this franchise like a business and Even has Will Mclay ready calling the shots as the General manager. Jerry Jones is slowly being removed from the franchise. Plus I was completely disgusted about the way the Cowboys went about letting go of Dez Bryant. It shows no decency or human compassion. They could have released him before the draft. Plus Dez was never taught to run any other routes. He played with passion for the game which in my opinion means more than money or this huge business that is consuming all of our Sundays.
pancho Lopez
Where all u cowboy fans at now u pussies ahaha
Aiden vi
Zeke Gonna be eating from the couch
Kiel Riese
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Randy Gregory Continues To Improve Sounds from the Sideline: Seahawks 5 months ago   10:30

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