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Slow motion time-lapse of the aborted departure of the Silver Spirit in high winds Key West Florida November 27, 2018. Ship comes scary close to sea wall then bounces off south bollard at Mallory dock damaging it and marring the side of the ship. Dock damaged estimated at $500k. 3 frames per second. Copyright 2018.
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Tylannosaurus Rex
Just a normal day in city skylines
You had only one job!
Charlie Tango
Yeah.....somehow I missed "the incident. "
Mark Florida
It looks like common practice for that ship we we're looking at that ship on the 24th looked pretty beat up .as we looked we all commented on it .
opinions from people who obviously have no idea what they're talking about.
Speed Razer
We're gonna need a bigger rope... ⛓⛴
1_ Fishin'_ Magician
isn't someone supposed to be on WATCH at all times... ???
Timothy Hickey
So let's see...Carnival (left first) pulls away from dock, does a complete 180 NEAR the dock and departs. No problem. Royal Caribbean ship (second to depart) pulls away from the dock, goes straight out. No problem. Silver Spirit "yacht" pulls away from dock, maneuvers like the Captain is drunk, almost slams into dock Carnival ship was berthed at then slams and bounces against original pier when returning. Winds or not, departure could have been delayed due to ANY weather conditions that could cause a safety issue to their "boat". Doesn't look good for the Captain.
E Ring
What’s the incident?
Michael Shrout
Is there any video of inspections and the ship leaving again?
Mostly Ghostii
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Seawalk - Ports of Stockholm's extendable Silver Spirit Key West incident 1 day ago   02:13

If the vessel can't go to the quay, the quay must go to the vessel. The Port of Nynäshamn is equipped with a unique extendable/retractable pier that improves service and cruise capacity at Ports of Stockholm.

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