Rodovaldo Suarez "Cuba: Rhythm in Motion" - La Bodeguita 6 months ago   00:29

The voice of Rodovaldo Suarez. I caught him playing on the streets of Old Havana, Cuba close to the famous bar La Bodeguita Del Medio.
The CD on his lap is his 2006 album Mi Dulce Anhelo

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"Cuba: Rhythm in Motion" - La Bodeguita Rodovaldo Suarez 6 months ago   03:01

"Cuba: Rhythm in Motion" is a documentary about the genealogy of shared musical rhythms between Cuba and the United States. It traces the history of Cuban music and its blending with American jazz and popular music starting from the mid-19th century.

The documentary was written, edited and produced by trumpeter and University of Richmond music professor Mike Davison and producer Ed Tillett, with the help of Finnish trumpeter Peter Loman, who has lived in Cuba for the past 19 years. Davison has traveled to Cuba 16 times since 1999, researching, interviewing, filming and performing with Cuban musicians and ethnomusicologists.