Something for my childhood memories BOAT Greatest RC Touring Car Race Ever! 1 day ago   06:46

Something for my childhood memories BOAT CAMERA. Playmobil Conlines Cargo boat on the River Ivel onboard camera
Malthouse Lane, Stotfold.
Location 52°01'14.4"N 0°13'12.9"W
52.020662, -0.220245

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RC With Popeye
Nice one
Nice. Always a good ride from inside the cab. : )
Lynn Hemeon
Water must have be higher when you were a child
XDeelan Ratsegg
The boat camera is cool.
Nice! What's the camera you're using?
Sumati Sharma
Nice video dear 👍👍
Mike Flight
That's a good boat. Looks very realistic when viewed through the cabin windows. Plus the sound is realistic too. Do you have reverse fitted to it.? I thought I saw it reversing at one point. :D
Sir Podgy
I love this type of stuff
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Greatest RC Touring Car Race Ever! Something for my childhood memories BOAT 1 day ago   09:59

From RC Racing the worlds no1 RC TV show - - The deciding race of the 2008 1/10th TV worlds from Bangkok Thailand - Race commentary by John Hindhaugh, with Nick Daman in th epits!