Tesla's Quest for Better Batteries TESLA Model 3 TRUE Cost 2 days ago   17:08

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Stephanie Sammann (https://www.stephanie-sammann.com/)
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (https://www.moboxgraphics.com/)
Sound: Graham Haerther (https://haerther.net/)
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster https://twitter.com/forgottentowel

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Music by Epidemic Sound: http://epidemicsound.com/creator


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you're Irish
One thing nobody really talks about is that high energy density in batteries is not something to be taken lightly.
If you thought that a malfunctioning phone battery in your pants is dangerous then imagine what will happen if the car sized battery goes off under you.
And just to be clear, I´m not saying anything against e-cars, it´s just something which is missing from 99% of the discussions for whatever reason.
No suchthing as renewable everything to build the car still comes from the ground even the batteries still got to use water to get the the ion out of ground and you can only do it in three places I believe around the world so how renewable is that then everything on the car is expensive to fix just like all the cars today you can't afford to fix them after the warranty is out
error in subtitles at 12:07. breaking instead of braking. awesome video though
I doubt the solvent in wet process is lost and released to environment. Most likely it is condensed, filtered and recycled, with small losses. Especially because it is expensive and toxic.
Cassette Walkman
Holy crap. This is supposed to be an "expert view" of batteries yet the narrator gets his anode and cathode negativity and positivity reversed! 3:48. The diagram has it correct but the narrator and whomever wrote the script get's it arse-backwards.
Cassette Walkman
Love your bullshit graph at 1:00. "Lets make the Y axis random and non linear just to give as a straight line we can extrapolate to appear dramatic."
Marco Panzanni
U guys ready for one of the most CRINGE WORTHY articles in a while?... by Tesla's biggest hater...
....here's BOB "The Fossil Fool" LUTZ (i'm surprised he's still around ) pissing on Tesla's new Model-Y:
omkar sawant
Your videos are exceptional.
Love from India.
Nico P
You make great content but wtf is that chart at 1:00
y-axis is completely fucked and inconsistent drastically misrepresenting the data and it looks like the dotted line means projected cost but that cant be because the solid line of tesla goes all the way to 2021 so idk wtf that is.
This chart is really misleading worsend by the fact that we only have a few seconds to look at it. Honestly I expected better from you, still cool vid tho!
Sidney Hemphill
432 Fudsters
Clint Whatley
Graphene. See work of Dr. CHUCK DEARMAND
Dan Luckins
12:19 This is MINE! You can't have it! Mine! My own.. my Preciousssss......
Robert McDonnold
Maxwell is also known for making super capacitors. That is the real game changer.
Wong Tik Ki
I don't understand how electricity is renewable energy. No pollution and emission on the spot, yes; renewable? far from it.
taral patil
Seems promising!
Oliver Kurzweg
The advertising on Skillshare and Brilliant reached an annoying level where it is actively deterring me from considering the services 🤮
FirstPrinciple r
Great Information Delivery. I really loved it.
TiBe Gamer
But why is it that charging batterys just to 80 percent is better or is this BS ?
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TESLA Model 3 TRUE Cost Tesla's Quest for Better Batteries 2 days ago   10:43

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