Tesla's Quest for Better Batteries Tesla’s New V3 Supercharging | In Depth 1 day ago   17:08

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Stephanie Sammann (https://www.stephanie-sammann.com/)
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (https://www.moboxgraphics.com/)
Sound: Graham Haerther (https://haerther.net/)
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster https://twitter.com/forgottentowel

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Music by Epidemic Sound: http://epidemicsound.com/creator


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Real Engineering
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YK Chan
If it wants to expand / contract by +/-2 to one linear ratio, let them have it. Why wait? and keep using rigid containers such as steel cylinders to hold them? Is there a requirement to maintain a higher than 1-bar pressure just to utilize such technology?
Adam Wiseman
Helping the world go green is really bad. Fox's news told me. What did you here. Somthing about socialism and terror. Be afraid very afraid.
Luc Rolland
Savng the world ! Really ? I would like you to examine what is required to supply to build all those batteries that will be required. At the moment, China is dominating the battery market that actually started at the IREQ near Montreal. Now, China is actually spoiling a quarter of Mongolia to obtain the actual batteries. I have heard that Japan is in Bolivia (probably Nissan) where again a large amount of the country will become a dump or waistland in order to provide for the basic battery elements. Imagine now 3 billion cars to require batteries. Please, make the analysis and you will see that battery power is not viable and sustainable. Worst, this will provide reasons for political unrest as these waist lands will not happen next to Los Ange;es. The battery start-up was set-up in New Jersey and provided the batteries to the SVE in France which produced the Cleanova I, II and III until it was sold to an American company and then came Tesla after SVE went out). The French were the first to provide good electrical cars and some aspects came from Hydro-Quebec. Nissan did less then Peugeot in 1995 with its superb 106 electric which had a 150 km range).
Benjamin Kingston
Hopefully when graphine starts getting mass produced, the battery made from them fix these issues.
KJ Grey
Once electric cars are standard, they will build power rails into the roadway itself, making cars lighter, cheaper, fireproof and without the need for charging stations.
KJ Grey
gas engines are still far less efficient in terms of cost of ownership during the life cycle of the car. Plus Tesla drivetrain components are replaceable and upgradeable like a computer switching out RAM and requires zero maintenance unlike a gas engine which is a nightmare
Charlie K
The only great about Tesla is its autopilot.
James Zeng
at 9:20 you said:"...makes it a poor choice for anyone living in anything but a temperate climate"

It took me ages to figure out what you mean man... sometimes you just need to use more simple language, because not everyone is native speaker nor do they receive the same level of education as you have :)
Allen Barclay Allen
Telsa's replacement battery has been waiting in Israel for 5 years full charge in 5 muinets

Telsa's lythium battery is a Obama renewable joke heavenly investid in this stupid battery that's the transportation department should never alowed on tbe road in the first place..! Charged or discharged amry required us to store them completely away from water because their explosive.!

Telsa's replacement battery has been waiting in Israel for 5 years full charge in 5 muinets and is not explosive around water..!

Indrid Cold
Forget the batteries and go fuel cell. It is far superior to any battery.
8 years support...is that reasonable? My car is almost 15 years old. I have no intention on buying new. And replacing the battery is the equivalent of replacing the engine.
Bilal Ahmed
Elon is a gem... We need to protect him ♥
Grzegorz Sakan
Very long commercial video from tesla.
Vasiq Shair
Your videos are next level man. keep it up!
Necron Lord
Whatever they do, Tesla cars are still way too expensive for the "simple" folks, which is, for the leasing companies to use. Here, in Israel, leasing companies are actually deciding for the price of cars at the market. Tesla cars are amazing, no doubt. But. They are not going to cost around the same as hybrid cars (at least), and for sure not as regular internal combustion engine cars. Current price is what, even for model 3, what is called "long range", which is actually really short range, while compared to, say, hybrid cars, such as KIA NIRO, is around $44K, while even the top-of-the-line KIA NIRO is going to cost about $32K - and, believe me, it is much better equipped. So, this might be a huge difference for the company which tries to sell it. Add an infrastructure cost. Add repairs, battery replacement, etc - here you go. So, while Tesla is a great thing, they still need to cut their prices significantly. It's a pity that Tesla is experiencing finance difficulties right now, and it will be even more sad, if Tesla will be forced to cease production due to bankruptcy - it will probably kills electric cars future for good.
Atlas Tobin
your videos are awesome! thank you...
I have a stupid question: the UI for a tesla makes it seem like they use one large battery across the floor of the car. If that's true, and it's not a bunch of tiny batteries that add up to that large capacity, why not design a circuit using two half capacity batteries that alternate in use, so that both may be charged at once at a supercharger, reducing charging time? I'm not an electrical engineer (my focus is more in biology and medicine) I could be completely wrong on if a circuit like that is even possible. I could guess, even if it is possible, the constant switching between on and off could reduce battery life, and would need larger than half capacity batteries to make up for it, increasing battery weight, but if I owned a tesla, I would do anything for a shorter charge time, while still keeping the range.
Milian TV
What about nano-phosphate?
Jared T
Saving the world by getting a tesla... BS
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