COASTAL EROSION - Ulrome & Skipsea The Coastline Paradox Explained 2 months ago   05:09

Stuart Tiffany
The sea is slowly nibbling away at the coastline in East Yorkshire.
This footage is taken from Seaside Caravan Park in Ulrome which has not been effected too badly this year, but its still taken a meter or so from the site.

Drone - 3DR SOLO



Pilot, Camera operator & Editor - ME :-)

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Mark Wood
So saddened by seeing how much land has been taken since the late seventies when I was last here,I can remember when the land stretched 50 yards further out, thanks for posting this film excellent.
Stephanie degrootes
Hi Stuart, I work at Sky News - could we use this video on the TV please? We can give you an onscreen credit? We want to broadcast it Friday 26th October 2018. Thank you.
Subbed ya.
Is that a K5 suzi on your thumbnail?
Do you still have it!!
Uk sewing machine service
Beautiful video mate. Nice and steady filming.
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The Coastline Paradox Explained COASTAL EROSION - Ulrome & Skipsea 2 months ago   06:00

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