Theresa May faces questions from Tyson Fury: Everybody Who Watched 7 months ago   47:02

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News for you May we voted OUT not for some half arsed deal that keeps you & all your mates tied to the greatest freeloading gravy train of all time.These days, the worst traitors in the realm sit in the House of Commons.
Theresa May traitor ....die fucker, die ! Best Christmas present the British people could ever-have!
Eternally Cursed by 17.4 million British people which you have betrayed to suffer and die traitor .
Pete Maloney
Check out the Legal Summary Report of Mays "New Deal" and you will find E.U control of Trade Deals, Legal claim through E.U Court and a No Exit time for Brexit. May is both Liar and Traitor. Military Tribunal Executive Order will be in place 1.1.19 in the U.S. You will then see the arrest and detention in a massively enlarged Guantanimo Bay of those Traitors who sold out their people for pedophila immunity from prosecution and other equally sad bribes. The time has come for a global "house cleaning". Q.
Pete Maloney
May started her career as a Legal Secretary in the "City". Her husaband is C E O of Serco. She is a Rothschild/Soames puppet. The People have the power of their own destiny when they STOP playing the Left/Right, Hegalian Dialectic power game of control. Join Trump and Putin in destroying the Rothschild stranglehold through their Central Bank system. The Jesuit /Zionist plan for WW 3 was to be the cover for Global economic collapse and the institution of a One World Govt, a One World Army and a One World Currency.......TOTAL SLAVERY OF HUMANITY !!!!!! Join the People as we once and for all throw off the Jesuit/Zionist unelected pedophile/satanic psychopathic Cabal. Where We Go One, We Go All.
bobby zee
she is biggest cow useless prime minister kick her out so better government can come in she is destroying uk 🇬🇧 she evil heartless and has blood on her hands and her tories by also bring poor people to street because is a biggest dumb cow
hammer well Treason May's deal explained .
hammer well
If she and her party are so confident that they have turned the country around and got mass employment , reformed our NHS , got all these good deals in the pipeline for the future , made us into such a world leader again .

Why the hell has she then sold us down the river to the EU ?
12:38 she said we cannot go ahead with international trade deals until after the transition period whenever that is, all we can do is negotiate them! She mentioned the transition period them changed it to implementation period, very sly and mischievous, smoke and mirrors again from Theresa May. She uses subterfuge alot, so much so that most of us can spot it straight away!
A bloody awful Prime Minister, we are so unlucky!
So why does she keep putting our country down if we go to WTO rules.
She now talks about 'trade deals', not 'free trade deals'
"We can do a trade agreement with America", she used to talk about a 'free trade' agreement with America, manipulating her words again! Disgraceful! She's dropped the word free since the bad deal!
Laura Spinoff
This fool is not listening..Trump said fair trade..the comment putting America first was spoken to the American people that has been taken advantage of for decades in the area of trade.Previous Presidents sided with the Globalists and not the American People.
Danny Price
This is embarrassing
do we not get the statement?
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Tyson Fury: Everybody Who Watched Theresa May faces questions from 7 months ago   13:15

Tyson Fury took on Deontay Wilder for his comeback fight for the WBC heavyweight championship. Fury joins Good Morning Britain and reveals who he thinks really won after the fight ended in a controversial draw.
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Broadcast on 03/12/2018

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