Old Surf Movies: San Miguel, Baja La Jolla Reef 2 days ago   04:58

"San Miguel" A surf trip to Ensenada in Baja California on Dec. 20-21,1976 where we surfed San Miguel on a nice swell. Great day where you could ride past the jetty. Music by Wishbone Ash "Outward Bound."

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Marty McSuperFly!
No leashes! ... HOMBRES!
I can smell it from here, we used to count the shark fin sightings. Thanks for the memories
Bilbo Baggins
too funny! We camped there on average from 75 to 79 ten or more weekends a year. Good times with the nightly trips to Hussongs in Ensenada and the El Nuevo for $5 lobster dinners on the cliff. Great times indeed and you could not do that nowadays. Surfing was great too!
Straight soul right there ...! Life was good, before Northern Baja was raped. Started going to shit in the late 80's. Thanks for sharing.
Travis Bickle2.0
Awesome... Thank you. I loved that place...
Brian Rapp
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Flash In Your Pan
Brings back some very great memories from my youth..  Visitted Baja a lot back then..
Sarah Aylard
That video brought back some fun memories. I spend quite a bit of time down there between '72-76. If you ever saw a thin, blond, goofy foot girl surfing there it was probably me!
Hurricane Heart Attacks
Hi, i love this footage! Beautiful images... I´d love to use it for a clip of my band´s new song. It´s a cover version of "Sealed with a Kiss" but with a nostalgic surf feel to it... I´ll put all your correspondant credits of course. Let me know... My band´s name is Hurricane Heart Attacks, you can look for us in facebook, bandcamp & youtube. Thanks!
Earl Barnard
Thanks for sharing your classic vids!! Good friends, Great waves, Empty pools and some descent Alcapulco gold.
Ken Ghandii
..n remember Art Robinson surf all the way from the point north of the houses all the way to 3m's....yup... "Slot Board' Shaped by his bro in Oz... , I is, was and always will be the soul of Miguel brotthas... I got washed over the jetty n had to go to sal sal for stitches...got 3 hits of L put under my tongue at 11...the canyon.... Scott..... remember the California Trailer park gang? Pinky..Tom Jauch...Dony...the Peruvian Flakes??
Yo voy a las olas
Ken Ghandii
ya blackie august n his kid robert parked their RV next to my bus...the ol man was the coolest.... those were the Days...mel Stratton, Bird man...Art from H Bay on Maui... the Fish Bros from Long Beach... Roberto from Ensenada... freak me out...my surf band is gonna lean this WA tune..it rules.... 76' was the bi-centenial... we drank more Corona n invented that whole 'Corona Beach' party horseshyte....
Ken Ghandii
dude this rules...i lived in the blue school bus on the beach in miguel 76'... yup ...my dad built a house on the point..he thought the federalies would hold me hostage n keep the house...so he sold it n got the 'magic bus'....sweet...
Sure, that's fine. Send me a link to your video when you are done!
Instant Mexico Auto Insurance
Nice video! Might it be possible for us to use a clip, (less than 30 seconds, basicly one of the surfers catching a wave), from the video in a video we are create for San Miguel? Basically all I can offer is credit for the clip to your channel.
Mate your videos are awesome. So many good vibes and great music.
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La Jolla Reef Old Surf Movies: San Miguel, Baja 2 days ago   03:11

One of many days this surf season that saw some phenomenal surf at local San Diego California reefs. No need to leave town this year. Produced & Directed by Adrian Zed (A.Z.)