[ICanSeeYourVoice] Sexy Racing Model, 看見你的聲音 S2 E12 20160107-02 鄭賢旭-若是翻過回憶的書頁 [中字] 5 months ago   02:50

Mnet K-POP
남심 저격! 비주얼 끝판왕 탱글녀 연지은!
과연 그녀의 노래 실력은??
′친구라도 될 걸 그랬어′ (거미)
'We Should've Been Friends' (Gummy)

우승자 음원′술이야′는 3/13(금) 정오 음원사이트에서 만나 볼 수 있습니다.
매주 목요일 밤 9시40분 Mnet대반전 음악추리쇼너의목소리가보여 Mnet/tvN방송

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Mira Menes
What this song?
Arsunchi Manandhar
0.43 i really hate that expression
If a person is pretty doesn’t mean that she dont have any talents and can’t do anything

Every person do have their dream to be a good singer .So, try to appreciate everyone ✌️
yukiii mee
What's the title of the song???
Don't mess up my Baekhyun
I hope there's AN English Sub huhuuhu
Menglang Kheak
Song name please.
what is wrong with her lip it looks deformed
Sania Sudan
Aren't all K-pop idols beautiful and they can sing well too
Killber Amazuki
She's got one the most beautiful voices i've ever heard, wish her voice won't go to waste, she should record more songs.
Ms E
I think she undergo surgery sorry but that just I notice to her but jer voice is so calming I like her
Tini Alit
What did she do to her face
Wistriya Mokodompit
what's the title of the song? please answer well
She's beautiful, has a cutesy talking voice, and a deep singing voice, the whole package!
Simona Ardelean
Beautifull voice i love the coreean people ....
I'm sorry but the girl that claimed she can't sing in the beginning (baby blue shirt), ... when she was in complete shock I wanted to punch her face LOL
Queen Kaisar
What the song.. I love her voice
leesuhaileeUmat Lee
Love it. ...thanks singing for me..hihi 😂
Jochebed Thapa
Don't judge from outside ....she is really cut and her voice is very very good...salut
Auvy Espayos
Definitely she'll singing for. "ost" kdramas
Nyta Nyta
Mirip lucinta luna 😂
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看見你的聲音 S2 E12 20160107-02 鄭賢旭-若是翻過回憶的書頁 [中字] [ICanSeeYourVoice] Sexy Racing Model, 5 months ago   03:10

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