[ICanSeeYourVoice] Sexy Racing Model, 看見你的聲音 S2 E12 20160107-02 鄭賢旭-若是翻過回憶的書頁 [中字] 3 months ago   02:50

Mnet K-POP
남심 저격! 비주얼 끝판왕 탱글녀 연지은!
과연 그녀의 노래 실력은??
′친구라도 될 걸 그랬어′ (거미)
'We Should've Been Friends' (Gummy)

우승자 음원′술이야′는 3/13(금) 정오 음원사이트에서 만나 볼 수 있습니다.
매주 목요일 밤 9시40분 Mnet대반전 음악추리쇼너의목소리가보여 Mnet/tvN방송

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Wistriya Mokodompit
what's the title of the song? please answer well
She's beautiful, has a cutesy talking voice, and a deep singing voice, the whole package!
Simona Ardelean
Beautifull voice i love the coreean people ....
I'm sorry but the girl that claimed she can't sing in the beginning (baby blue shirt), ... when she was in complete shock I wanted to punch her face LOL
Queen Kaisar
What the song.. I love her voice
leesuhaileeUmat Lee
Love it. ...thanks singing for me..hihi 😂
Jochebed Thapa
Don't judge from outside ....she is really cut and her voice is very very good...salut
Auvy Espayos
Definitely she'll singing for. "ost" kdramas
Nyta Nyta
Mirip lucinta luna 😂
Silver Schooner
Beautiful inside, and outside! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
sten senduk
Beautiful Voice 👌 awesome
Nurr Mlyningsh
What is her name??
En Valdes
i loved Ben when she sang the Snow Flower BUT i really hate what she did here.. :/
sLeiman obeid
Kookie Jimin
She's better than solji
Tarunk Thoudam
Her voice is soo 😍😍😍
Park NaYeol
I really love her voice
Yen chi Pham
Cho mk hỏi cái anh mc mặc áo đen có kẻ trắng tên j z....
laily. m
Can anyone tell me the title of the song?
Sophia Lurey
i mean she is pretty, but the plastic surgery is overly noticeable... whatever she still looks gorgeous
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