Just Kiddin D18 (audio fix) Pump It Up PRIME 2 - Just Kiddin 3 months ago   02:44

mentormin 멘톨민
Left-oriented audio was what I intended.
... just kiddin :P


[PUMP IT UP 2017: PRIME 2]
[펌프잇업 2017 프라임2]

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와 극후반부 틀기 길이 안보이네요...
허리가 부러지겠네
Sylvain Hunter
Appreciate the new intro, but please balance the sound next time. It's way too loud.
Not an S this time, Ive played and the final part can be very confusing
Ваня Анисимов
are you kidding, vlume lvl on intro is much higher than actual song.
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Pump It Up PRIME 2 - Just Kiddin Just Kiddin D18 (audio fix) 3 months ago   02:23

Update day!!
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