THR Full Oscar Director's Roundtable: Denzel Washington Shows Graham 1 day ago   1:07:27

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The Hollywood Reporter's Directors 2017 Oscars Roundtable is here! Join Mel Gibson ('Hacksaw Ridge'), Oliver Stone ('Snowden'), Denzel Washington ('Fences'), Damien Chazelle ('La La Land'), Mira Nair ('Queen of Katwe'), and Barry Jenkins ('Moonlight') for another full, uncensored discussion with some of Hollywood's biggest directors.

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Comments 3033 Comments

Ryan Galaviz
@Galaviz_ryan on t.w.i.t.t.e.r.

Elon Musk is a fucking terrorist and any of you, I promise you, any of you, who have sided with him to make me look bad in front of Daisy Isobel Jazz Ridley, you will be humiliated worldwide for trying to help several royal families steal my gene material. Genocidal maniacs.

You work with Big oil..not against it like how you make yourself look to the public. You are all involved in eugenics programs claiming that the world has to be depopulated for the sake of your sadism. There's many people who don't want these billionaires with this mentality here

Look into gaslighting and love-bombing and you'll have a good idea of how these people work.
21 Swords
this host keeps fucking interrupting people. why is he even there? he keeps cutting off all the interesting conversations. it's rude and low class.
Cole Darton
I think Mel Gibson is like Orsen Wells in that they neither one have gotten the recognition they deserve. Just because of the powers to be. Both as actors and directors.
They all look super bored.
Isaias Morales
Came here for Mel Gibson and Denzel Washington
Mike B
@41:37... director of La La Land explaining how the movie ended up so fake...
Kris 9mm
Mel Gibson is the best Director of my generation
Tom Lindsay
@1:04:53 We were very, very, very poor. Got the welfare cheese and put it in the MICROWAVE? If only all the poor people in the world had microwaves to put their free food in, there would be no more starving children. Stupid me, you need electricity first, to get a free microwave. Obviously the microwave would not be bought, but given for free, if you were very, very, very poor.
Sharon Sylvie
Mel lose the beard you look older than Moses
jonmacist John
To think the chemistry between mel and Danny Glover was awesome and they made that movie just on how they read the script
Malcolm Watt
Great discussion. It's why the culture is so skewed. Why the thieves can rob with impunity.
A world full of great stories funneled through the big time, and don't they know it.
J.F.K. jr
Wtf drink the water
Dewone Banks
I need Denzel and Mel to work together
Gibson sitting there like some kinda Zeus just waiting for an excuse to throw lightning bolts or go chase a water nymph between the reeves to have sex with to give birth to some half human half cloud who he'll later exact wrathful vengeance on for no good reason
x iLeon
Stone is a cheap shot, isn't he? I came here for Denzel and Gibson - it is Gibson who delivered! (Denzel comes across as a little pretentious) Also great to be introduced to Mira Nair and her work!
Despina Sarra
Shame on them to put the wrong doings of mel on display. Enough is enough!! And all because of the Pasion. Do I need to reveal how many Jewish comedy actors make anti Christian remarks!!?? You have truly a complex with him. He may be weak but so are the rest of us. His heart and will thought is strong!! Keep going Mel!!!
Hey There
hacksaw ridge is an amazing story
This is OK. But could they winnow it down to Denzel, the Indian woman and Mel? The others are a snooze-fest.
This still doesn't mean little Melly boy is a good person. Domestic abuse isn't okay.
John Fisher
A marvellous discussion. So glad it was in my feed.
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Denzel Washington Shows Graham THR Full Oscar Director's Roundtable: 1 day ago   03:01

Denzel Washington has a seriously broken pinky, that he uses to terrify his kids. When you see it, you can understand why they're terrified.

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