Trump touts "amazing" economic LeBron James explains why he called 2 months ago   16:43

CBS News
President Trump praised new economic data released Friday, saying the U.S. is the "economic envy of the entire world." Data shows the U.S. economy surged in the April-June quarter to an annual growth rate of 4.1 percent.

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rajiv lakhan
This is good news for everyone, I hope it growth continues steadily until 2020
Honggo Purnomo
best most effective president since reagan
M. Hol
BTW, Kp ps....Do you know how, why, where and when the Republican Party was formed? Abe Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, Martin Luther King Jr., all Republicans! Look at the history of the Republican party. It makes me laugh when I hear about how the Dems. support the bringing down of statues. They want THEIR history buried! The Confederate statues were all Democrats!! What hypocritical disgusting party. Why ANYONE would align themselves with that party is beyond me!!!!!!!!!!!
It could be even more than 3.5% if we get another similar number in third quarter. This is the reward for his effort to make this numbers.
frederick porter
Amazing growth? Amazing lies! Don the con is misleading you trumpees with annual numbers not quarterly. smh
Conjurer Woman
The Whitehouse CON Man is telling Lies and comparing apples to oranges. He is comparing ANNUAL GDP to QUARTERLY GDP. President Obama had a quarterly GDP of over 5 in 2014. He also had five quarters of GDP of 4 or higher, and eight quarters of 3. His ANNUAL GDP did not hit 3 and this current Administration may not hit higher at the end of the year. The 4.1 this Administration is bragging about is only a quarterly and he got it by scaring companies into buying their inventories before the Trade tariffs started. Don't be fooled by the CON!
John Hall
Clearly, President Obama's stimulus program is kicking in.
Free Press
You created a run on soybeans, Biff. Almost a 1000% increase. Not next quarter, Biff.
trump is so good the left cant stand it , shame on the evil left
Back Porch
All praise the Orange King!!!
Too much damn winning!!! My heart can't take it!!! Somebody call the ambulance!!! *passes out*
Tom Smith
Perfect job Mr. PRESIDENT. are doing the job we hired you to do...cant wait for the mid term elections....
Donelle Gilbert
Yeah, we are doing great. Been in business 25 years, today I just went out of business and closed the doors. Thanks Trump. Your such a liar.
Mister Grizz
i.m a disabled veteran i'm unemployed in matter of fact the VA is denying me service they also committed a criminal act and covered it up there is more vets just like me that the VA has abandoned and mistreated and has killed because of the government employee attitudes i have never had a doctor that could speak english they gave me someone else morphine i have no use for morphine so much to gripe about so little time
Mister Grizz
with all the jobs like Harley Davidson and many others like sears trumps good news will be short the growth he's running his mouth about does not include the 1000s of jobs lost because of his crap
“When I meet leaders of countries the first thing they say is nice to meet you congratulations on your economy. You are leading the entire world” (fake news)

I bet Kim and Putin told him that. Hard to believe he tells the truth nowadays.
Racist no good pos always taking credit for President Obama's work!
When you think about it he is a businessman so I always felt comfortable with him being my president he is just now showing you guys what he's doing
I Know Several Small Business Owners...They Are Happy....
Straight RightHand
Trump is doing such a great job, it’s almost unbelievable! The man loves to work and is addicted to results. The media is so harsh on him that at this point, even people who don’t like him are starting to turn to him and bypass the fake news media.. people are waking up.

I and millions of others will vote Trump into office in 2020, that’s for sure! #Trump2020 #KAG
kp ps
You look like an orange old prune...Navy mom...
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LeBron James explains why he called Trump touts "amazing" economic 2 months ago   16:24

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