Samsung Galaxy S10E review: Samsung Galaxy S10 - Is This The One? 1 day ago   06:52

The Verge
The Samsung Galaxy S10E is the smaller variant of the S10 and S10 Plus released this month. It’s 5.8” screen spans edge-to-edge with a hole-punch camera that we’ve seen across this year’s Galaxy S10 lineup. Samsung claims the “e” stands for “essentials,” but there's a lot more to this phone than just that. In an era of giant phones getting larger, the S10E shows that smaller doesn’t have to mean worse.

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The Verge
What phone size is perfect for you?
Since the S10e doesn't have the heart rate sensor, what is that small black square on the right side of the LED flash?
shashank bond
If Samsung uses night mode ...imagine
Excellent review! Need more reviews like this
Phrix Del Valle
It is less expensive but not cheaper
Nikola Vujović
I dont like it.
Metatron Men
If you have a S9 dont buy this phone, most carriers in the US already released the latest OS for S9 and S9+ witch is the same OS using the S10 series, the memory and performance is not noticeable. I returned this phone, looks cheap and feels cheap, is not a match for a S9 or s9 plus and it dont worth $750 dollars.
Psycho Play
I would go with S10e because I love a phone that fit my pocket. My iPhone 8 Plus just roll on the ground around 10 times because of their gigantic size and if I haven’t put my case on it. I think I have to throw another buck to fix their glass. So, the S10e would fine even without a wide angle camera.
Yovani Arce
There's something called an iPhone xs
Great review. Hella impressed
Nebitno Nebitno
This power button should be lower, unless you have very big hands, there's no way you can hold phone naturally (like when you type) and reach the button without changing your grip
Nebitno Nebitno
Funfact - this "budget" S10e costs the same as S7 edge when it came out. Comapnies got us used to 4 figures priced flagships
They cannot put a 4000mAh battery on a $750 phone ?
isak evensen nguyen
I the s10 form factor with the s10+ battery capacity
erhan atabek
Side fingerprint sensor not easy to reach and not fast! like this video!
Martin Ganchev
Terrible content, low production quality, uneducated staff.That's all there is to The Verge.
iPhone 8 size is perfect. It's not too heavy, it's small enough to fit me pocket.
Adrian Hering
name of that flower please
Carlos Kim
waiting for the pixel 4
joao Rodriguez
Better in what? The battery 3.100mah? Or the price 800?!
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Samsung Galaxy S10 - Is This The One? Samsung Galaxy S10E review: 1 day ago   08:36

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are packing Samsung's new One UI. It's a departure from the TouchWiz past, and that's a good thing. Does One UI make the Galaxy S10 and S10+ price tag easier to accept? Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 the best smartphone of 2019 or would you rather get something else?

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