HOT WHEELS DRAG RACING WITH Hot Wheels Monster Jam Slip and Slide 1 day ago   36:09

Day 3. When we are finished we will pick the top 12 speeds and raise them for an overall winner. Awesome racing in this one including some wheelies enjoy

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Luis De Jesus
Man! For a world renown company Hotwheels is cheap AF is very hard to find good lanes where the cars won’t collide or get off track...
Chris Hilux
That monte was showing its g body shuffle
Growing up Country
There needs to be fpv cameras in the cars
A Ariana Grande Fan
Like This
VonHelton News Network
The mini cooper sold me on custom wheels & rims...........
Gideon Eshanti
I could watch this all day ha!
The Republic of Ustio.
Are they all STHs or Redliners?
Nate Gonzalez
No matter what the cars are going to hit the boost so quit saying "They hit boost"
Gabe Pennington
can you do a really big king of the hill
highside_ okami
why do you have more fun than me playing with my hotwheels
Leoncio hernandez
55 chevy nomad gasser the chevy nomad gasser
Leoncio hernandez
chevy nomad crash the death
fnaf mister lit
This is badass
Rodeick Smith
Your girlfriend is ugly
Almuthana Bader
Jørdan Playz
Ooh pops a wheelie but he comes off
Tyrese Calderon
Og Capone
On lane 1 its bent
My custom hot wheel is fast and has weight reduction 🤣
George Wilson
Can I have a boat like 50
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Hot Wheels Monster Jam Slip and Slide HOT WHEELS DRAG RACING WITH 1 day ago   22:19

The Trucks that make it the furthest down the track win the race and move on to the next round! Rounds one and two are the Elimination rounds. The Semi-final and Final round are the first to win two of three runs and so on. One truck will make it to become "The King of the backyard "Water park!"
Episode title: "Backyard Mayhem"

Hello again friends, tune in and watch some brand new, fresh off the pegs Hot Wheel Monster trucks go to battle as they race across a ten foot bridge over an inflatable pool and then down to eighteen feet of slip and slide all while being launched from an elevated Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway! -Drivers beware- the bridge is slippery when wet! This track measured a massive 35 feet or better of classic orange track!!!

Please note that Faster the Dragster is not affiliated or sponsored by any of the fine products seen in this video. This video is a review in action play parody and is not a real event in any way.

The Monster Trucks used in this video are all 2016 releases with the exception of "Shark Wreak" which was released in 2015

The field of trucks...
1. Grave Digger (Silver) 2016 New Tool
2. Grave Digger (Green) 2016 New tool
3. MAX-D (Red) (2016) New Tool (Spiked)
4. MAX-D (Silver) 2016 (New Tool) Spiked
5. Zombie (2016)
6. Zombie Hunter (2016) New Release!
7. Captain's Curse (2016) Edge Glow
8. Bone Shaker (2016)
9. Mega-Wrex (2016)
10. Jurassic Attack (Color Treads)
11. Prowler (2016) x-ray
12. Monster Mutt (Rottweiler) 2016 X-Ray
13. Metal Mulisha (2016) Mud Treads
14. Soldier Fortune (1st release - 2016)
15. Crushstation (Blue) - 2016
16. Shark Wreak (2015) Edge Glow (year of the little dudes, figure accessory)

The 2016 models come with the accessory - Stunt Ramp (Multi-colored - four designs in assorted colors)

These new 2016 releases are super fast as compared to previous releases. Believe me, I've noticed! The 2016 year for Hot Wheels Monster Jam has been highly anticipated and I haven't seen this much excitement for new trucks in a very long while.

See the new "Casino" Avenger (White) take on Team Hot Wheels "Firestorm" over on our instagram!

Thank you so much for your interest in our videos and your subscription to the channel! Like what your seeing? Please tell all your pals! Thank you! Thank you! and Thank You!
-Crazy Cliff and Dana Flames

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