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Colombia. A rising Latin American economy. Dedicated to democratic prosperity and regional leadership. A nation undergoing evolution in its decade of strong economic performance.

Home to over forty six million people, Colombia has a geographical landscape spanning magnificent mountains, dense rainforest and beautiful beaches. It is the only country in South America with access to both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, providing a unique vantage point for trading and transportation. Its five bona fide commercial hubs span the nation, with the capital city as Bogota.

President Juan Manuel Santos’ has been focusing his foreign policy on bolstering Colombia’s commercial ties and internal investments. Two thousand twelve saw the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement spring into action, creating investment opportunities, and with them, welcome jobs for locals. The United States is now Colombia’s largest trading partner.

Since then, Colombia has co-founded the Pacific Alliance to promote regional trade, and developed potential free trade agreements with the EU, Mexico, Canada and Japan to name a few. The nation’s FDI inflow presently sits at around fifteen point eight billion dollars and these relationships provide ever-enhanced opportunities for its economic growth.

Colombia is continuing its vibrant economic development and improving regulatory efficiency, while maintaining a healthy real GDP growth rate of more than four percent over the last three years. It is the leading reforming country in Latin America under the World Bank Doing Business report for two thousand thirteen. And for the first time in history, Colombia has been classified as a ‘mostly free’ economy.

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Colombia is very beutiful and his peopple is very nice
Some of these hotels of Bogata from the mid-seventies live on a fault line, and have being a very good job.
1 big promo........underwhelming.
David Nightingale
FDI oriented towards extractive industries.... I've heard this story before...
Mary Ozono
Mi Country Is Beautiful. Is Nice..!!! My Country Is Cute Forever
Mary Ozono
Amo Mi País Colombia. I LOVE YOU Mi COLOMBIA. Mi País Es Admirable, Valiente, Triunfante, Trascendente. Lo Mejor
Alejandro Blandón
I had never seen so many lies together. Colombia is a country ruled by a regime of extreme right, a mafia with democracy costume country. The dominant political and economic class is associated with drug trafficking, and in addition to the repressive forces of the state, there are paramilitary groups that have been paid by the economic power to massacre and displace millions of peasants to strip them of their land and use it for big business (large oil palm plantations, oil, coal and many other resources). Besides that, the same paramilitary groups under orders of economic power, pursue and kill members and leaders of any opposition political force. They also massacred and displaced peasants to open place US corporations such as Chiquita Brand, large banana growing company. These groups massacring of the most atrocious ways that nobody ever has seen: dismember people alive with chainsaws, play football with severed heads, and they use all kinds of atrocious torture against political dissidents, leftists, poor and peasants. Why the reality of Colombia is not shown in this video? Clearly, those who make this video are big businessmen, the same that are authors of all the barbarity I'm telling.
Ted Tansley
maybe needs to change the name of Dom hotel lol
Titanium 717
Great presentation I liked it.
Christian Johann
finally a video who talks about another thing about the country! ;)
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A miracle called Medellín (City US television - Colombia 4. A Nation Reborn 6 months ago   10:02

This video shows the social and urban transformation of Medellin, Colombia´s second largest city. The video was part of the presentation of Anibal Gaviria Correa (mayor of Medellin) at the World Urban Forum 2007. Today, the current and future city project sees Medellin as a city for Life. You can watch it in this video.