Here's what Donald Trump Trump impeachment frenzy has top Democrats 1 day ago   01:48

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Donald Trump has had a lot to say about Brexit over the years. From criticising Theresa May's handling of the negotiations to seemingly barely understanding the process at all, we've compiled much of what the US president has said publicly about the UK leaving the EU.

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Kay McKay
In view of tonight's News on President Trump's statements and 'declaration's on his UK visit so far, NOW more than ever a second referendum on Brexit SHOULD be in order re: let the people TRULY vote on 'exit with no deal' (because the EU will not let us f@@k about any longer...and quite rightly so) or 'stay'. And this time it will be an informed choice for real. Those who are strenuous supporters of Brexit have nothing to fear if it is true that the majority of the UK wants out at any cost i.e. even with no deal. As May said/quoted, life is about compromise. Democracy is about letting the people choose. As it stands at the moment the Government has no mandate from the people for a no deal brexit. And to quote a businessman: "i do deals all day long, to leave with no deal is political and economic suicide". What we have witnessed in the last three years of Brexit 'negotiations' is that no one seemed to have a clear understanding of what was needed to leave the EU without damaging the UK...and millions of £ and resources have been wasted. Brexit has divided the UK at all levels and strata of society. However, what most people understand is that leaving the EU with no deal will bring upon even more instability and uncertainty, and will weaken the sovereignty of the UK. All of the above, given the global climate, will pave the way for more disastrous consequences for the UK. Compromise also means looking at what one wants, what can be achieved realistically and what is available on the table to minimise loss and waste so as to obtain a better deal for all in the long run...not just for today. Because let's not forget that beyond the alleged financial haemorrhage caused by being in the EU publicised by the UKIP at the time, there were more funds coming in from the EU subsidising industry, science, medicine, research to name but a few....and on leaving the EU those funds will be stopped by the EU (quite rightly so)...but will still be needed in the UK. Therefore let's hope that if it is 'leave' even with no deal that the people want we don't end up out of the EU and under the USA. We may even live to regret May's joke.
...and we may TRULY regret leaving the EU...TRULY NO JOKE. Today President Trump clearly stated that the NHS and EVERYTHING else will be on the table, and that there are fantastic economic deals and opportunities to be had. As a side note>>>Again absolutely pitiful role played by Labour re: President Trump's visit. Labour lost at Brexit, lost with Trump...and will lose the General Elections. Conservatives are either going to sign a Faustian Pact, and help us God, or just lose their majority. My vote goes to the Liberal Democrats who are the ONLY ones who will be able to deliver a safer, more stable and prosperous future for the UK and its people, and who will preserve UK sovereignty and who will preserve UK sovereignty whilst continuing to be a major contributor to the shaping of the EU. . The winds of change have come about for real. Former President Obama's comment on hearing of Brexit's outcome 3 years ago was about 'regret' because he claimed that America always perceived the UK as their 'communication ambassador at the the EU table'. One may agree or disagree with either former President Obama's or President Trump's statements re: Brexit. However, the opposing statements speak volumes about the different goals and politics which may approach the UK horizon in the very near future, and what this may entail for the majority of the UK people ...We should remind ourselves of the saying: "Be careful what you wish for".
Jeni Maslen
He hasn't got a clue. One thing is for sure though, any weakening of the UK economy and the break up of the EU is good for him.
PS Design: Mark Cerny
Clever editing to try to gain support for a bias. So glad to see from the comments common sense is not dead
coelo physis
Mockery is the lowest form of media brainwashing... The Independent is not, it's a slave to be ideological readership. Are you proud?
foppo leeuwerke
He is scared of Europe regarding trade because they are not frightened to tell him to get lost.Britain on it's own could be nicely controlled by the Americans .Be afraid .
Trevor Johnstone
The people voted 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thumbs down. Video shows what idiots you are
jordan e
What's with the annoying music? His stupidity speaks for itself; please act like the Independent, one of the last two respectable British newspapers, not some 14 years old's gaming channel.
Bladerunner Blues
What is this shitty video trying to do, get a grip independent, you silly left wing tw*ts
he has no idea wtf he is talking about - just making up crap like the compulsive liar he is...
GoggleBox Gamer
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Trump impeachment frenzy has top Democrats Here's what Donald Trump 1 day ago   03:32

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