Flying car innovator believes he can finally The Country The World Says Doesn't 2 months ago   09:13

CBS News
No technological dream has captured the minds of the media quite like the flying car. Marcus Leng of Blackfly believes his invention will allow it to become a reality. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone, who has chased down the flying car fantasy for 30 years, reports on this Silicon Valley innovator.

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Ryan Sutherland-Charlton
you can get one for the price of an suv lol no thanks ill cycle save myself a fortune
elena olivares
We already know the hazards of people with no marbles flying . . it's not a question of how easy or how long to learn to fly but rather the irresponsible behavior of reckless pursuit of pleasure.
Don KiksBiscuits
The time is now . 2020 is only months away
Drew Hilstad
Put someof those powerful motors on my racing drone!
Damn...Math is obviously not her forte, but she's purty, so she has that going for her. No depth of intelligence at all, but she's purty, so she's got that going for her, wonder who writes her script/questions for her ?
Rocket Dreamer
An aereo vehicle is not a car. SMH.
and i thought my landscapers' leaf blowers were a nuisance ...
Can't wait for the Chinese version!
larry mondello
Gary Rose
the average American can't drive a car properly yet alone fly one...
1980: "I bet there will be flying cars in the future
José Manoel Santos
Isso não é um carro. O conceito de carro é outro;deve ter rodas e rodar pelas ruas. Isso é um drone inflável.
It's next year, are they on the market yet?
Generation Sigma
People without training and a pilot's liscense shouldn't be allowed to fly...Ever!!!...
Amael Baur
1990: We will have flying cars in the future.
Max Coughlin
Flying cars never took off...sigh

Haha see what I did there
I'm so sorry i will go home
Christoph Küstler
Has anyone thought about air traffic control and the rules in the air? If ATC and professional pilots are already stressed out by the handling of a dozen of airplanes at the same time, how is it going to work with thousands of "aerial vehicles" all over the place? - There's a reason you need a pilot's license, and why it isn't any nearly as easy to obtain as a driving license. And then, even the slightest incidents would most likely cause fatal crashes. If you are already worried now about the accident rate on trerrestrial roads, then just wait till we have "flying cars" on celestial highways, and you'll see... I just can't imagine how this is going to be put together, other than in a fully computer managed, pilotless way.
James Sempy
a hight tech way to commit suicide ....
Abel Flores
Fake news
Peter Vu
What happen if people have heart attacks during flying it's disaster for people on the grounds
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The Country The World Says Doesn't Flying car innovator believes he can finally 2 months ago   13:09

Edit: In case it isn't clear in the video, this is meant to be a story of Artsakh, from the view of Artsakh. It isn't unemotional geopolitics. The Armenians are in no ways saints, and the Azeri in no way demons. The Azeri refugees forced from their homes in the external lands that Artsakhians took in the war (even against their own internal judgement) for military purposes have every right to be upset and want it back. As I say in every video, please research this all on your own. There is a very deep, nuanced, interesting story to be told from all sides. This one just happens to be from Artsakh.

By admitting this country exists, we've become criminals. And while taking risks is part of our job, nobody forces us to make the choices we make. But that's not the case everywhere. Sometimes, existence itself is a risk. You're born into it. This is Artsakh.

If you would like to visit Artsakh, I'd highly recommend staying with Saro Saryan in Shushi. His family are the living embodiment of the community, fashioned together into a wonderful guest house atmosphere. His 23 year old soldier, diplomat, lawyer son is the focus of our next episode, which I hope you'll stick around for.

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