Trump touts fastest U.S. BREAKING 🔴 President Trump 1 month ago   20:04

The US economy roared into high gear in the spring, growing at the fastest pace in almost four years. Second-quarter economic growth came in at an annual rate of 4.1%, the government said Friday. That was the best showing since the third quarter of 2014.

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j. Moral
He's going to bankrupt our country. He doesn't know what he's doing.
no hassle
the economy is booming? The deficit his higher than it has ever been you fucking clown.
Mark Pantoja
Go trump. From the Philippines
Wow hows CNN going to spin this one!? Let me guess Trump haters he lying huh? Everyone be proud of your country and president. Lets come together! Didnt agree but i still respected Obama!
This is funny Obama is taking credit from Trump success? Get a life
Little John
CNN is the most biased, sold out news network. Sorry, FAKE NEWS!
Mehdi Naja
2 years Trump has been in office, and still some are saying we haven't entered Trump's economy yet ?
Nelson G
Liberals are going crazy and have declared war against reality! LOL
Matthew Beal
willie bomb
LOL. All the dems be like, it was Obama who did this. HE DOUBLED OUR NATIONAL DEBT! Gees.
vijaya fernando
With over 48 million people living below the poverty line, is Trump' economy a success? The number is living below the poverty line about 43 million in 2016. Try telling a child who is starving that the economy is doing well. Kids living below the poverty line are the foot soldiers for Grand Theft Auto in real life. Well done Trump
The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band
Trump's economy is a here and now economy. Unfortunately, for America, the here and now of Donald Trump serves ONLY Donald Trump and what he has accomplished through his here and now economy is to saddle generations of Americans (that's YOU) with the soaring and debilitating public debt that is guaranteed to lead to slowing growth of jobs and incomes at home for many, many, many years to come. Trump is presently salting the ground of America's economic future to satisfy his ego and his family's present and future fortunes. He will be dead and gone from this world, his family will have made billions off his presidency while America will be catapulted into a ressession the likes of which no president, black, white, male or female will be able to dig the country out of.
Harry Dickus
Yes there was a upward trend in the economy towards Obama’s era, but it took Trump to boost it higher because of 2 important things that Obama lacked:

1) Deregulation - Whether good or bad, basically gave more clearances to allow companies to go on.
2) Confidence - Business men like the business man mentality which Trump gave them.

The only thing Trump needs to be concerned about is inflation & the interest rates; most of the wealth isn’t true wealth but the perception based on borrowed credit. This is his biggest economic enemy.
What trade deals came in?
Michael Fuckface
the liberal retardation is real in this comment section lol
Joe Salta
O yea please dont cry trump 2020 hehe
Joe Salta
All you dork haters your life hasnt changed since election. Please get to work if your not living in moms
Riven Camero
You cant even know what a part of the most corrupted ppl have created globally just to inslave us. Death sentences must be applied to those. So much propaganda on him because they are adraid he can destroy their plans. We live in an era were democracy is no longer applied. I remember ppl saying that they need obama to save them from trumb. You were afraid ti say that you voted for him so they wont label you as a racist. Labeling is the manipulating trick they use, trying to control you from your morality. Respect for trump, and the rest of Americans for voting the right person. I hope the rest of the world will follow. Ppl need ppl like them to save them. Respect from a Greek Survivor.
I love this guy.
Switch Back
Y’all so mad you guys are so salty Asf you guys don’t even want to do the math 😂😂 it’s facts
Facts don’t care about your opinions or feelings
This is factually reality at work and will continue to make you feel like shit lmao
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BREAKING 🔴 President Trump Trump touts fastest U.S. 1 month ago   20:25

White House July 27,2018. President Trump delivers remarks as U.S. Economic Growth GDP Surges to 4.1%.