Wind car from limited materials 5 Awesome Car Life Hacks 2 days ago   04:23

Wind car from limited materials - Axle comparison
Allowed components
styrofoam plates
paper(newspaper or copy paper)
bottle caps
plastic lids
paper towel tubes
12-20 0z plastic bottles
paper cups
milk /juice carton
brown paper lunch sack
car must have at least two axels

Toolbox with non consumable items such as hammer, scales, ruler and scissors.
Can't use hot glue
Consumable items such as
Rubber bands
twisty ties
paper clips

A box fan will be turned on high for 30 sec to see how much the car travel the distance.
Use as much items as possible in this project from the main list.

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Lynn Hemeon
Glad you don't see what I throw away. I'm not very mechanically inclined
Going to try piano wire axels?     Thanks for the post .
marc wohlmayer
nice project grandad, works really well too. nice job right there and interesting too
MC's Creations
Pretty nice concept, Grandad! 😃
Something like that on the beach would be fantastic!
Faison gaming
First person to like video is me
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5 Awesome Car Life Hacks Wind car from limited materials 2 days ago   04:17

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