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Jim Rohn: Never Doubt Yourself (MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO)
We spend our whole lives living with ourselves. It is the longest and most intimate of all relationships we will ever have, and the one we take most for granted. Yet it’s extraordinary how often we feel as if we’re living inside a stranger, such as when we get ill or get surprised by ourselves, such as falling in love with the least likely person. Realistically, we should know ourselves better than knowing anyone else, but more often than not we tend to dislike ourselves, are constantly finding fault, and so reject what we find. Then we look for love anywhere other than with ourselves.

How totally sad that we should dislike the person we spend our life with! We have the opportunity for the deepest and most sustaining love affair of all, and instead we criticize and invalidate, dismissing our own thoughts, ideas, and needs as unimportant. The Buddha said there is no one more deserving of love than ourselves. That’s a big statement and can be hard to actuate, especially as it appears so much easier to love others. But can our love for others really be genuine if we’re not loving ourselves?

Self-doubt brings fear, such as the fear of failure, of the dark, of being out of control, of not being good enough. We fear loving because we doubt our ability to love and so fear rejection; we fear being generous because we doubt our capacity to generate more and fear we will not have enough. We fear sharing our thoughts or feelings for doubt that we will appear wrong or stupid. Doubt brings mistrust, which appears real, even though it may have no real substance. It arises when the ego is threatened or undermined. Such doubt creates worry, nervous disorders and even paranoia. It is the enemy of real happiness.
Jim Rohn
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Nawaz Khan
May God always bless this greatest human Jim Rohn in eternal peace with His eternal blessings.
He has changed thousands of broke lives to prosperity. Amen
Chris Nichols
Jim gets better as time goes by...RIP.
John Davis
Lawrence Craver
Jim Rohn is a God.
Nestor Prado
I think the complains are more annoying than the music.
golden boy
Music too loud! Good video
Edmund Zack
Great stuff
Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better 🙏🙌
Hamza Sabir
PHILOSOPHY! Now is called Mindset by today's influencers!!
Alex Dickey
If you’re just complaining about the music being to Loud then you’ve missed the message. I heard him just fine!!
Ankush kumar
Too loud music
william schram
music is loud ...but with all advice you have to be able to separate the signal from the noise
Lemko Dude
This is like the icing on the cake of all other self-help books and videos. This is where you NOW stop searching for more self-help and start working!
Vk parables Volark Keo
This has to be one of my favorite motivational video told by Jim Rohn. Your spirit does live on. And it echoes throughout all eternity.
Christopher Harrison
Then why do people get Alzheimer's disease why do they get memory loss don't say they don't because I witnessed it sounds like a bad memory to me home boy
Manuel Torres
Music and Jim are perfect. Anyone who dont like it can go to another vid.
baghdad miloud
this video has a lot of wisdom ans inspiration
Victor Lopez
The background music is loud
Jamie Jackson
I love the music behind the message can get da name of the music where can I find the music
Stop making it difficult. Change the video if you can't hear this one . Quit complaining lol
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7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness with Jim Rohn: Never Doubt Yourself 2 days ago   4:54:51

As Industry Influences, we must expand our minds and stimulate our notions about wealth and happiness. Jim Rohn is THE Industry Influencer of our lifetime to help shape our journeys to personal achievement, professional success and extraordinary business.

Jim Rohn, the man many consider to be America's Foremost Business Philosopher, shared his success philosophies and principles for over 46 years, with more than 6,000 audiences and over five million people worldwide.

The 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness:

1. Unleash the power of goals
2. Seek knowledge
3. Learn how to change
4. Control your finances
5. Master time
6. Surround yourself with winners
7. Learn the art of living well

More about Jim Rohn: http://www.jimrohn.com/


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