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An introduction to Dr. Neiman's lecture on Egypt and the Amarna age from the lecture series, "Cradles of Civilization". In this segment Dr. Neiman discusses how the physical geography of Egypt shaped its culture and development.

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Dr. David Neiman (1921-2004) was an internationally renowned scholar, speaker, and writer who inspired many people. His life's work concerned the intricate relations between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism throughout history and in modern times. Dr. Neiman made history come alive through his dramatic presentations and unique interpretations. In light of our current world situation, Dr. Neiman's work is not only extremely relevant but also remarkably prescient. More than anything, Dr. Neiman was a keen observer of the human condition. His words convey our shared history with clarity, humor, and humanity.

Dr. Neiman was the first Jewish scholar appointed to teach Religion at Boston College, one of America's leading Catholic Universities. He served as Professor in the Department of Theology for a quarter of a century. While there he was also invited to teach at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. After retiring from Boston College, Dr.Neiman moved to Los Angeles, where he taught at Loyola Marymount University, St. John' s Seminary in Camarillo and the University of Judaism in Bel Air.

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Egypt is the cradle of human civlization's not western or eastern..what's wrong with all of the idiot people from every fucking race claiming Egypt as it's theirs?
samy hassan
nile mean non ,not,no thing,never,------!
negative !!!!!!where is positive river?
Grim db
hard to study for class
Paul Irving
Part 1, watched. What is the name of that "Jungle"? "Form a natural barrier" from what? - "Western Civilization"!

The facts that your political ideology stems from and is inter-generational Global White Supremacy is clear so too that as with others sophisticated White Supremacists (racists) to your grave you will take it. To self and others (of the obvious), sophisticated denial, denial, denial.

Not with me - its about clearing things up for you, within your own head.     
Paul Irving
That was not what was said, even referring to the rest of Africa as jungle. Evidently now appearing to say something different - then say, Black African civilization (Southern-not Western) that gave birth to-civilized White (Western) people beginning with the savage Greeks that has conquered them.

The trick is however recognized, "Egypt, an African country" which still negate PEOPLE. 
Paul Irving

"Egypt an early civilization of the Western World" - evidently a White Supremacist-a racist still teaching the (OUTLAWED) racist ideology. Even going against what the book he is using as a history book (the Old Testament-Torah) states; that the Egyptians were Black (the descendants of Mizraim, one of the sons-descendants of Ham). Moreover, also portraying the other sons-descendants of Ham (Canaan-Canaanites-Phoenician and Nimrod (over in Summer-Babylonia) as White.     
gene moore
Tell me something,how do you remember all this stuff,are you eating anyspecial food?
marios manesis
very good series greetings from Hellas "Grecce"
Kita Barbie
For those crying about egypt being in Africa not western, look where it is, it is the north walking distance to Mediterranean and thousands of a miles away from enemy Nubia and nothing to do with sub Saharan, only in Africa cause we made the lines its walking distance to middle east.
This is boring as poo
Wonderfully erudite man. Very melifluous and relaxing style of discourse. I have listened to these Egypt lectures/seminars many times and I find that Dr Niemann is a deeply knowledgeable and intelligent scholar. I wish I were his student. Up until discovering this Chanell I had never heard of him. Very fascinating and detailed account of Egypt. I would like to hear more on this subject but I am unsure if the fuller mp3 version have much more on them? Thank you for posting these.
mohamed blal
which university is this ?
Lakeysha Agugbo
Egypt was not early civilization of the Western World. It was an early African Civilization. Egypt is located in Africa.
If you could add any lectures on the Amarna period, I would love to hear Dr. Neiman's insights. Especially concerning Akhenaton.
Dear Becky Neiman, please post more lectures. Will be grateful.
God bless and keep u Becky!
thank you.
I do learn a lot from Dr.David Neiman.Very smart person and one of the best in World.
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