The Power of Positive Thinking - Behavioral Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking Seminar 1 day ago   10:21

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Join Kelly Jo Kaye, Behavioral Specialist / Life Coach working with the Great Weight Off program as she talks about the power of positive thinking!

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Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking Seminar The Power of Positive Thinking - Behavioral 1 day ago   25:38

Nancy Khair giving a Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking Presentation for teenagers at CHS in Amman, Jordan on Dec. 19, 2011, condensed down from 45 minutes to 25. Very inspirational and a must see for all teens!

Teenagers, especially High School Seniors, are on the threshold of a whole new life! This video demonstrates very important tools and skills they need to live up to their fullest and greatest potential!

A positive attitude is a key factor to success! Learn to apply the Law of Attraction to be everything you are meant to be. YES, YOU CAN. YES, YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

Nancy Khair is a holistic healer trained in Reiki, hypnotherapy, crystal healing, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, herbal therapy, magnet therapy, aromatherapy, visualization and meditation amongst many others. She also took many Law of Attraction workshops and courses to teach people how to apply "The Secret". " I am confident that my newest technique which integrates Reiki, Hypnotherapy and the Law of Attraction will help you find THE POWER WITHIN YOURSELF that will not only promote great healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, but it will also give you the tools you need to become all that you can be NOW... A happy, healthy, abundant person. The power is within YOU! Discover it! Create it! Live it! NOW!"

Thank you CHS for hosting the event and Omar Abed Alnabe and Mustafa Rasheed (16:9 Film) for the filming and editing !

Be Well! Be Great! Be YOU!

Nancy Khair

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