ROLLER COASTER on a MOUNTAIN!! (FUNnel PUPPY'S 1st Time SWIMMING + BAHAMAS 2 weeks ago   14:51

SUBSCRIBE ➥ & become a FUNnel Cake then Press the 🔔 & get some Merch: .... In this vlog we do a lot!!! We check out a Titanic Museum, it's awesome and has some cool exhibits. We rode on a roller coaster built into the side of a mountain. And a bunch more stuff!! Thumbs up for our vlog and dont forget to watch part 1 below: (Teleporting Shawn and the Magic Mountain Cabin)

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Bill Gordon
that looks so fun
The Spore-shroom Master
Chloe Does crafts
I love the titanic lol
Vanitha Selvaraj
where is it
Vanitha Selvaraj
Beastmode gaming
What is the monkey for on Shawns back
Richard Grablewski
What is Mikes Hair Color I really Like it :) Love you guys
Galaxy Waffle
I’ve been watching you since you were 6 and now I’m 9
Ingrid Castro
I like your Chanel
Aryanna Rainis
Where do you guys want to
They made this channel cause they’re old channel is getting deleted by YouTube Help them get their 6million subs back
Ehab Daniel
I know that you saw Titanic
Hunter 1xq
Are you guys is in Branson Missouri bc I went and the go kart place is the track right
Michelle Alfonso
Where’s that place
Slime Asmr & more
You are in Tennessee 😱😱😱😱😱
arrell garcia
I went to the same place y’all went 😊
Janet Cody
Are you guys in Tennessee
Brooklyn _ 2018
Do a tiring movie
Stephen Ybarra
tora tora
I hate Fortnite
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PUPPY'S 1st Time SWIMMING + BAHAMAS ROLLER COASTER on a MOUNTAIN!! (FUNnel 2 weeks ago   09:27

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