David Stockman: The World Economy What is deflation and what does 2 days ago   08:31

Air Date: Aug. 7th, 2015

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OK, it's been over three years and that economic expansion is still chugging along. No worldwide plunge into depression.
Roger didit
Three years ago... Still waiting, and waiting, and waiting....
narumol jongsawat
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Surud Patel
A World where "SERVICE BASED ECONOMIC ACTIVITY " rules economic factors through the runaway Technological Progress and the true Manufacturing becomes at best a myth for economic development one can see that the world is headed in reverse gear.
Harry CallahanX
at 7:14 he says "They shot their wad". Nice
Harry CallahanX
Market dropped over 10% 3 weeks after this interview. He knows what he's talking about
Greg ######
The talking heads on CNBC agonize on how everything will be just fine. Day after day of babbling idiots telling everyone how this and that will happen and all will be well. THERE IS NO WAY THIS WILL EVER BE SOLVED. Debt will continue to pile on more debt until that fateful hour. The actual crash will be sudden and brutal. Prepare yourself accordingly . Well , I am off to buy an obscene amount of Toilet Paper the most valuable commodity on the planet
I think I'm in love with Jackie Deangelis. What a stunner.
GenX Autrucity
I cant wait. I got cash..
marco mac
Fortunes are about to be made by thise who are well prepare......

I cant wait for the next crisis.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, women don't know what they are taking about.
Éanna McClean
This is frightening
This chick is a whore for wall street bulls.
Anthony Danes
The population of Japan is 130 million, South Korea is 50 million and Thailand is 67 million. Stockman used the 90 million traders in China figure and grossly quoted these figures. Not good.
"If I wanted to see clowns perform, I'd go to the circus."
-David Stockman

I wish I had three thumbs to put up.
bookmark this and keep it for the future! this will be funny one day!
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What is deflation and what does David Stockman: The World Economy 2 days ago   07:18

There's a lot of talk about potential deflation at the moment, especially in the Eurozone.

If deflation does happen, it could bring the current economic recovery to a halt and also hit share prices.

In this video, we look at what deflation actually is, the chances of it happening and how it would affect you.

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