Theresa May resigns: new PM by end of July Britain's next PM: the Conservative Party 2 days ago   53:40

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Like Thatcher and Cameron, Theresa May was defeated by Europe.

Like Pitt the Younger and Gladstone, she was also defeated by the Irish question.


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Having failed to deliver Brexit, she's been forced out by the men and women in grey suits.

She ceases to be Tory leader two weeks today and ceases to be Prime Minister when her successor is elected by Tory Party members at the end of July - if the MPs don’t stitch it up beforehand.

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ab ba
UK set for a Brexit suicide.
New prime minister; same old problems
New prime minister; same old problems
Charles Cyklop
Too dirty play in politician way for Her Majesty day.
People be regrit to not vote and listening their hearts.
Soft and comortable;
so why the power must be used ?
against whom ?
Charles Cyklop
11:20 about - do not like this guy - speculations over speculations - never straight said.
Charles Cyklop
Shame you english to not go follow Theresa May.
There is no like be eaten by ...
people who take their lives, not to mention money, ordinary respect.
Turks, Kurds, Indians, and Pakistan will take care of you;
I personally have nothing to do with them, but you are closer and somehow you do not have any responsibility to go down in history in the sense of revenge: P
Charles Cyklop
Theresa May is The Great Woman.
Wonderful - Quiet, Intelligence and fully hearted,
Soft and strong,
The British do mistake to not go follow.
Theresa is not gaining for herself,
is ready to make a share all tax payers,
the rest do not like it as will be cut off.
( just have flayed away the great word - next time )
Funny is as they got not enough yet ?
Charles Cyklop
Who pay the consequences of politicians deciding ?
Not really them - more over they blame the people by they fighting up there by taxes payers,
Lack of God - that is all.
Charles Cyklop
By my opinion the some side try to get close down the history and start from fresh,
however the fresh is not helping them as is proffed by now as they are fed up, not yet ?
the other side is advicing to get sort the past out without any malicious moves,
the racics never help to anybody if they are in due to others in some sence,
having not respect for past, living in present and wasting all hard work and killed
people in the name of God.
They going straight into the funnel ----->
Theresa May is completly fine, just the rebel yell is never worked out,
get imagine to give'em the power what is running now.
Of course without the pray and talk with God before they or you do
anything - tha
Charles Cyklop
9:55 How the benefit from ?
Sacrafice is unknown by them ?
Just require the best ?
Easy to spend not owned money :)
Charles Cyklop
The people are lacked of history and education,
The Theresa May is Great.
Policy means diplomacy,
unfortunately not every body does get it understand - the compromise;
Romanian 3D CG Channel
Kairu Otaku
Sparkle Ska
that's right jog on about wind rush and brexit.... what
John Smith
She's pure evil. She's a globalist open borders and mass immigration scumbag.
M Munroe
She cooked her own goose!
zaq voir
early on President Trump boasted that he told PM May how to "how to do the deal" well that didn't work did it?
Mr Brainwashed
Crying over loosing her £150,000 per year pay packet.
Mr Brainwashed
Yeah. Your right. The EU rules and laws are killing thousands of UK jobs and businesses.
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Britain's next PM: the Conservative Party Theresa May resigns: new PM by end of July 2 days ago   1:14:23

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