Tide out at Westward Ho! A brief history of Westward Ho! 2 days ago   02:26

Tide out at Westward Ho! I was asked what the beach was like so here we are, lots of sand when the tide goes out and it goes out a long way.
Location Westward Ho! 28/10/18
51°02'28.5"N 4°14'16.8"W
51.041241, -4.237994
Camera Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6

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Music from YouTube Audio Library
Desert Caravan by Aaron Kenny

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Raggy Ragsdale
Well call me a Son of a Beach!!!! (I was born in Florida.... at a very young age) .. Great Footage ..... Raggy
JP Slayer Racing
That’s a beautiful place to run a rc. 👍👍😎👍👍
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A brief history of Westward Ho! Tide out at Westward Ho! 2 days ago   08:24

In this video I have a walk around the area I live, Westward Ho!, and share some of it's history.
I gathered the information for this video from a couple of sources, listed below.