5 Answers LANDLORDS NEED on your Tenants From Hell - Issues 2 months ago   04:54

Are you making it hard for prospects to find the information they need? For today's blog, we provide you the guiding principles your property management website needs so that owners and landlords can find the crucial information they need to make a purchase decision.

In this blog you'll learn:
The length of time people stay on a website.
How to make the most out of your visitor's time by answering these 5 questions.
How to develop the right tagline to make your property management business memorable.
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Tenants From Hell - Issues 5 Answers LANDLORDS NEED on your 2 months ago   28:14

Here are 5 calls to landlords from RBCP and 1 from Rob The Hyena. It's a long video, chock-full of lease violations. These calls are taken from recent live morning shows, which you can find on www.phonelosers.org

If you like the song on the end of this video, here's a link to download it for free:

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