Walking in Varanasi (India) Walking in Myeik (Myanmar) 1 day ago   1:00:45

keezi walks
Varanasi, also known as بنارس, Benares, Banaras or Kashi, is an Indian city on the banks of the Ganga in Uttar Pradesh, 320 kilometres south-east of the state capital, Lucknow

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Sanjeev Sharma. Roadventurer
hahaha. just loved the end , where the lil girl walking behind the cycle rickshaw and took a free ride. So real India.
Lea Fernandes
Barulho demais, sujeira demais, tumulto demais! Que País horrível! Jamais iria conhecê-lo!
why they always use horn... it would make me angry
rita jimmie
I want to move there
henrique terto
gosto muito destes videos Parabéns !
henrique terto
poluição sonora !
Dinu Desculţ
Wonderful ... For me, India is the most beautiful country in the world. In fact, it is not a country, but another world. A good and beautiful world. So, it become even a family. A great family. And I feel that I'm part of this ❤ family.
Thanks and I wish you all the best, with health and happiness, in peace !
Dinu 👣, from Romania ~ Namaste _ / | \ _
Love the video's, but I notice you don't seem to give way to others coming towards you, or is it just an illusion the way you video, looks a bit dangerous at times for you and others.
Oh.... que lugar tan ruidosoooooo!!
Sica Barcelos
🎷👦 👧 🚲 🎷 🚗🎷 🚲🐕 🎷 🐄 🚗👦 🎷 🐄 🐕🚗 🐄 🎷🚲🐕 👦 👧 🐕 🎷
Leandro Rodrigues
Gratidão!! Abraços do Brasil!!
Ardith She
I mean, what is attractive about living in such a crowded place like this. Guess I missed it.
Maxsuel Paiva
Brasil 🇧🇷
Charles Williamson
Agent du 31
Bip ! Bip ! Bip !
Marco Aurelio
Povo que gosta de uma buzina!
Kelly Di Nathaly
Pobreza miséria
i can tell which streets are for hindus or muslims, dressed differently . i noticed indians dont like being filmed, many time you can ppl shouting "no photo" .also noticed there are a lot of men like 90% of the video you see only men , where is the ladies at?
great vid
David B
Kind of like Amsterdam on (bad) acid!
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Walking in Myeik (Myanmar) Walking in Varanasi (India) 1 day ago   1:38:31

Myeik is a city in Tanintharyi Region in Myanmar (Burma), located in the extreme south of the country on the coast of an island on the Andaman Sea. As of 2010 the estimated population was over 209,000. .