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From strange and mysterious cruise ships, to the biggest oil tankers in the world; these are 10 GIANT Abandoned Ships !

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5.Temple Hall

Finding information on this shipwreck was harder than I thought ! Built in 1954, the Temple Hall changed many owners during its years of operation.

On a voyage from San Pedro to Thessaloniki, the ship was stuck between a rock and a hard wave so to say. Bad weather, heavy seas, and no luck to be found, the Temple Hall, now known as the Telamon ran aground near the Canary Island, Lanzarote.

It didn’t help that the maintenance record for the ship was abysmal, you can still find it at the exact same spot, some 40 years after it wrecked.

4.Zeila Shipwreck

Zeila was a fishing trawler way past its prime, and its also the smallest ship on this list. Built in 1975, the trawler did its job until the late 2000s. By 2008, it was on its way to Bombay to be used as scrap metal. Unfortunately, the Zeila’s tow line snapped and the ship headed for the shore.

If you follow this channel, you know my fascination with the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. Just another example of why this strange and bizarre place is worth a visit.

3.Mega One Triton

With a name like that, you might expect something a bit bigger than 700 tonnes, but life aint fair kid.

During Hurricane Sandy, Mega One Triton was one of the unlucky vessels that was ran aground due to the weather. Since 2012, it has become a tourist destination for those that are interested in urban exploration. This counts as urban exploration right? After all, it is RIGHT ON THE BEACH ! The local government strongly advises the public to stay away from the wreck since the ship is deteriorating very fast, but I’m not sure anyone is heeding their advice.

There was plans to remove the ship from the coastline by December of last year, has it happened yet? I don’t think so.

2.Agios Dimitrios

This shipwreck was also trick to find, I have some contradicting information the exact name of the ship. I found sources that listed it as MV Cornelia, and others that called it Dimitrios. So, if anyone can shed some light on the subject that would be great !

The ship was built in 1950 and its history is a bit, mysterious. Stories of smuggling cigarettes and ghosts have been circling since it wrecked in 1981.

The cigarette smuggling story is much more believable, sorry ghost hunters. It goes something like this, the Dimitrios was seized at port after contraband cigarettes were found on board. Instead of paying the fines and dealing with authorities, the ship was purposefully released from the port and left to run aground, where all the evidence was set on fire.

What do you think? Plausible?

1.Ocean Dream

I have been WAITING to write about this cruise ship for MONTHS now ! I finally found enough pictures to entertain you with while I haphazardly try to explain its story.

Built in the 70s under the name “Spirit of London” this cruise ship enjoyed a long career in the high seas, providing comfort and entertainment for many people. But all good things must come to an end, and in February 2016, the Ocean Dream met old lady fate. Whats crazy is that the cruise ship was sold for scrap metal in 2009, but before it was destroyed, another cruise company.

Turns out, those guys weren’t cool at all. They left the ship near Laem Chabang in Thailand, the cruiseliner was abandoned for over a year by crew and maintenance, it finally capsized in February of 2016.

I would definitely suggest NOT booking a cruise on the Ocean Dream, even though the website is still offering it ! There is evidence that a company tried to salvage the ship, but I don’t think it's happening any time soon.

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