How landlords are taxed on rental income Is UK property a bad investment? 2 months ago   01:42


You can reduce your tax bill as a landlord by deducting many of the expenses you incur when letting out a property. Find out how these work and what you can claim

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Craig Boardman
Hi there, I currently earn £26,500 a year plus I have a rental property earning me £660 a month on top of my salary.
I have plans to expand my property portfolio.
I've heard that it's more tax friendly to buy my next property investments through a limited company?
Could someone please help me?
Tiffany Wu
This is so good,but I’m in us(cry)
Karen Evans
Thank you for this. This, I take assumes tax for personal allowances. How does it work for Trusts?
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Is UK property a bad investment? How landlords are taxed on rental income 2 months ago   11:05

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