Blackpool- Tourist area life Red Arrows Skyforce the ride Grand 3 months ago   02:15

Cerys Phillips

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Styles Bitchley
I got a question... Where the fuck did that 200 million go?!?

Also, Blackpool is in the North West.
Noble Joseph
what is this thendi thram
Helen Paul
hey cerys
King Swirl 👑
This video uses the butler model which would have been soo convenient for me when i was actually learning about this in Geography
Kai Tang
Great clip, coincides with my teaching at school.
much appreciated
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Red Arrows Skyforce the ride Grand Blackpool- Tourist area life 3 months ago   13:38

We were honoured to have been invite to the grand opening of the new Skyforce ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The ride is a gerstlauer Sky Fly, Red Arrows themed and pretty amazing!

You might even hear me get a mention :)