Facts That Will Make Everyday Things You Don't Know 1 day ago   10:47

The internet is chock full of facts. Join me as we take a look at 20 facts and images that will make you say ‘I Had No Idea.’
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Christine Bean
Woops see how easy it is to leave stuff out 😲the syurp bottle used to be big enough to warrent a balance loop. My guess is real maple syurp is so expensive the loop makes it look more expensive. Fancy packaging allows them to price higher. So the little loop on maple syurp jar is to small for anything but cosmetic. Well I've nothing better to do.
Christine Bean
I had to Google this loop on glass bottle. It is a loop for your finger to help balance a heavy bottle on your arm.
Jill McComsey
I can’t believe it. The everyday items we use all have special meanings behind them
Jordan Smith
20 useless fact that most people already know
Thanks buddy,, although I knew The answer to some of the 'questions', there were many I didn't know. The one that surprised me the most was the military American Flag.
Crystal Crack
I feel the fire one was just to make me feel stupid haha
Rachelle Guimbaolibot
6:45 its like pugb pan
Mo Cher SqRL
The gas tank is obvious. I'd like to see how many people are actually amazed that their cars have working turn signals 🤨🤣🤓
Peter Pan
Jejsjak Jdusjsb
Flag reason also is cause its stars are positioned so the stars are closest to the heart
Ali Rae
The whole phone wastes time. 😂
Robert Smeagles
May want to take the time to blow your nose or take some nasal decongestant before your next vid. Thank You Oreseur for the 10:02.
тαкυмα, кαzυмα
The first clip i was shoked i was wearing them haha
The power button: Not a line and a circle. It's a zero (binary for off) and a one (binary for on). Since electronics are binary, it made sense.
Elizabeth Swims
Just a little correction on the military uniform flags. Only soldiers who have been deployed to a war zone are authorized to wear the forward facing flag. All other military personnel are required to wear the regular flag.
nct's grass
Gurl I feel you
Sam Studios
I thought every one knew theses
Sam Studios
Wait no I know most of them
Sam Studios
I actually knew the second one
Audrey Flores
For the second my phone is an LG G Vista it does that for clock too... And I use my clock EVERYDAY NO exaggerations
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Everyday Things You Don't Know Facts That Will Make 1 day ago   08:22

If you wonder how things work on a daily basis you may want to know these 10 more everyday things you don't know the purpose of. From the little dial at the bottom of traffic lights to the hole in lollipop sticks and the clever cap on utility knives they're pretty interesting so get ready to be amazed!
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